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In Lausanne more than 85 research groups cover topics ranging from cellular to cognitive and clinical neuroscience, using state-of-the-art techniques.

This rich scientific environment benefits from collaborations between the University, the University Hospital and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

The research intitutions are:


The Bugnon area by foot


The Bugnon area by public transportation

To reach the Bugnon area by public transportation, take the metro M2 at the train station. The station of the M2 metro is located across the street from the train staion. Choose the uphill direction to Epalinges and leave the metro at the station "Place de l'Ours", for the DBCM, DP and DPT, and the station "CHUV" for the hospital.

To reach the DBCM, DP or the DPT, cross the road and walk uphill along the Rue du Bugnon in direction of the hospital. The DBCM building is on number 9, sitting at the back of the esplanade (U-shaped building). There are no parking places available in front of the building. If you travel by car, you have to use the parking near the highway exit at "Lausanne - Nord" and use the metro M2 bound to the "Place de l'Ours".

The DP and DPT are also in the Rue du Bugnon, in number 7 and number 27 respectively.



In Geneva, 68 research groups are distributed between different institutions: 3 departments of the University of Geneva (Medicine, Psychology and Sciences), one University Hospital (HUG) and one national center of research (CISA or Swiss Center for Affective Sciences).

The Geneva Neuroscience Center regroups more than 50 of these research groups and is affiliated with several departments within the University of Geneva. This multidisciplinary institution also coordinates teaching programs and organizes seminars, conferences, and public awareness events.


CMU by foot

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In Lausanne

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In Geneva

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