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LN Alumni

The new LN Alumni platform | LN Graduates | Current positions of LN Alumni

The new LN Alumni platform

We are currently working on the opening of an LN alumni platform to support exchanges between our former doctoral students, but also with their thesis directors, on career paths, job experiences and opportunities. This platform will further serve to announce events of interest for LN alumni (like the LNAM meetings), and to keep you up to date with recent developments in the Lemanic research labs.

You might have received an announcement already if you obtained a former degree from UNIL. However, this platform will serve to put you in contact with your (ex-)colleagues independent of whether you received your PhD at the Lemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School in relation with UNIL, Unige or Unifr. Thus, if you want to connect to the LN Alumni community, click on the button on the right.   

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Since the first thesis defense in May 2005, more than 100 PhD students have graduated from the LN Doctoral School.


The public defense of our 100th graduate, Yves Gouriou, took place in May 8th 2013. Under the supervision of Nicolas Demaurex (Unige) and Philippe Bijlenga (HUG), Yves studied the role of t-type calcium channels in a cellular model of stroke.

In the picture, from left to right, Philippe Bijlenga (thesis co-director), Yves Gouriou (LN graduate), Anita Lüthi (expert), Nicolas Demaurex (thesis director), Philippe Lory and Laurent Bernheim (experts).


LN Graduates

pdf   LNgraduates_1.pdf  (160 Kb)


Current positions of LN Alumni

Here are some examples of what our LN graduates are currently doing ... more to discover on the LN ALUMNIL platform...


Name  Position 
Amal Achaibou  Post-Doctoral Fellow, Affective Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, University of California 
Brigitte Angenieux  Postdoc, Kornblum lab, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA 
Shahar Arzy  Department of Neurology, Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem 
Guillaume Azarias  Postdoc, Anita Aperia lab, Karolinska Institute, Sweden 
Yann Bernardinelli  Marie Curie researcher, Muller lab, CMU, Geneva 
Temugin Berta  Postdoc, Ji lab, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA  
Nathalie Bourquin  First University Assistant, Stephanie Clarke lab, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland - since 2012 
Lionel Breuillaud  Postdoc in M.J. Meaney lab, McGill University, Montreal, Canada - since 2012 
Angèle Brunellière  Associate Professor, University of Lille, France 
Julie Chenal  Medical Information Specialist in Oncology, Merck Serono, Geneva - since 2012 
Luca Cocchi  Post Doc, Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland Brisbane, Australia 
Anne-Sophie De Preux  Postdoc, Herwig Baier lab, Department of Physiology, UCSF, San Francisco, USA 
Laura De Santis  Medical Information Scientist, Eli Lilly, Vernier, Geneva (2009-11) / Co-Manager of the Life Sciences Doctoral Program, University of Lausanne (since April 2011) 
Stéphanie Duhoux  Postdoc at the Mont Sinai School of Medicine, NYC, US 
Charles Finsterwald  Postdoc, Cristina Alberini lab, New York University, USA 
Jeremy Grivel  Researcher, CHUV, Lausanne 
Clara James  Master Assistant, 3-year FNRS project on brain plasticity in musicians, FAPSE, Geneva 
Paul Klauser  Academic Visitor / SNF Fellow, Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre, Australia 
Leonie Koban  Postdoc, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory, University of Colorado at Boulder, US 
Adam Kundzewicz  Consultant, Simon-Kucher & Partners, Bonn, Germany 
Gwenaël Labouebe  Postdoc, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 
Agustina Lascano  Medical Doctor specializing in Neurology, HUG, Geneva 
Suzie Lavoie  Research Fellow, Orygen Youth Health Research Center, Melbourne, Australia 
Fabio Longordo  Postdoc in Greg J. Stuart lab, Australian National University 
Pierre Mégevand  Medical Doctor specializing in Neurology, HUG, Geneva 
Marie-Louise Montandon  Neuroscientist, PET Instrumentation and Neuroimaging Laboratory, HCUGE, Geneva 
Anouchka Pickenhagen  Postdoc in Rene Hen lab, Columbia University, New York, USA 
Camille Piguet  PostDoc and Neuropsychologist at the University and University Hospital of Geneva 
Karsten Rauss  Postdoc at the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology, Tübingen, Germany 
Carolyn Sacco  Senior Research Associate, Division of Translational Neuroscience Research in Schizophrenia, Tamminga lab, UT Southwestern Univ., Dallas, TX, USA 
Annick Salzmann  Postdoc, Dr Malafosse laboratory, FPSE, Geneva 
Holger Sperdin  Postdoc, Christoph Michel lab, CMU, Geneva 
Lucas Spierer  Research Group Leader & Lecturer, University of Fribourg 
Hélène Tzieropoulos  Postdoc in the Neuropsycholinguistics, University of Geneva 
Pascal Vrticka  Research scholar in Allan Reiss lab, Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Standford University, CA, USA 



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