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Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) | Center for Psychiatric Neurosciences (CNP) | Unil-Department of Fundamental Neurosciences (DNF) | Unil-Dept. Physiology (DP) | Unil-Dept. Pharmacology and Toxicology (DPT) | Unil-Dept. of Medical Genetics (DGM) | Unil-Institute of Psychology (IP) | Unil-Center for Integrative Genomics (CIG) | Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) | Geneva University Hospital (HUG) | Unige-University Medical Center (CMU) | Unige-Sciences | Unige-Faculty of Psychology and Education (FAPSE) | Unige-Service médico-pédagogique (SMP)

Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)

Name Institution Research Project
Arsenijevic, Yvan CHUV  
Berney, Alexandre CHUV  
Besson, Jacques CHUV  
Bovet, Pierre CHUV  
Braissant, Olivier CHUV Alteration of CNS development due to inborn errors of metabolism
Croquelois, Alexandre CHUV  
Despland, Jean-Nicolas CHUV  
Du Pasquier, Renaud CHUV  
Gamma, Franziska CHUV  
Halfon, Olivier CHUV  
Hirt, Lorenz CHUV Experimental stroke and neuroprotection
Kuntzer, Thierry CHUV Neurology: muscle and peripheral nerve disorders
Maeder, Philippe CHUV  
Meuli, Reto CHUV  
Preisig, Martin CHUV  
Prior, John CHUV  
Von Gunten, Armin CHUV  
Zurn, Anne CHUV  
Decosterd, Isabelle CHUV-Anesthesiology / Unil-DBCM Mechanisms of pain
Draganski, Bogdan CHUV-Neurology Anatomical characterization of cortical and subcortical structures
Frackowiak, Richard CHUV-Neurology Functional and structural architecture of the human brain in health and disease
Kherif, Ferath CHUV-Neurology Study of inter-subject variation to understand the neural basis of cognitive processes in normal and abnormal populations
Rossetti, Andrea CHUV-Neurology Status epilepticus. Outcome prognostication after cerebral anoxia
Saenz, Melissa CHUV-Neurology Sensory perception, multi-sensory processing, and brain plasticity
Schluep, Myriam CHUV-Neurology Dissecting the decisional process in patients with multiple sclerosis: Congitive, emotional and anatomical aspects
Badaut, Jérôme CHUV-Neurosurgery Cerebral vasculature and metabolism
Levivier, Marc CHUV-Neurosurgery  
Pollo, Claudio CHUV-Neurosurgery Deep brain stimulation. Image processing applied to neurosurgery.
Clarke, Stephanie CHUV-Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation  
Murray, Micah CHUV-Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation Multisensory interactions
Spierer, Lucas CHUV-Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation Clinical and functional neuroimaging investigations of learning-induced cortical plasticity



Center for Psychiatric Neurosciences (CNP)

Name Institution Research Project
Boutrel, Benjamin CHUV-CNP Neurobiology of Addiction, Stress and Craving
Cardinaux, Jean-René CHUV-CNP Addiction: molecular mechanisms of plasticity
Do, Kim Q. CHUV-CNP Translational research in schizophrenia
Eap, Chin-Bin CHUV-CNP Clinical biochemistry and psychopharmacology
Leuba, Geneviève CHUV-CNP Brain aging and Alzheimer's disease
Magara, Fulvio CHUV-CNP Neurobiology of mood and perinatal stress
Riederer, Beat Michel CHUV-CNP Proteomics in psychiatric diseases and clinically applied anatomy
Schenk, Françoise CHUV-CNP Neuroetology of cognitive functions
Stoop, Ron CHUV-CNP Neurobiology of anxiety: role of the amygdala


Unil-Department of Fundamental Neurosciences (DNF)

Name Institution Research Project
Bezzi, Paola Unil-DNF Imaging regulated secretion processes in the brain
Decosterd, Isabelle CHUV-Anesthesiology / Unil-DNF Mechanisms of pain
Fasshauer, Dirk Unil-DNF Structural and evolutionary studies on the vesicle fusion machinery
Hornung, Jean-Pierre Unil-DNF Serotonin, hippocampus and anxiety: genetic and epigenetic developmental regulation
Kasas, Sandor Unil-DNF Touching the molecules of life
Kraftsik, Rudolf Unil-DNF Computer assisted morphometric data acquisition, processing and analysis
Lüthi, Anita Unil-DNF physiology of sleep and cognitive functions
Puyal, Julien Unil-DNF Neuroprotection against neonatal stroke and asphyxia
Toni, Nicolas Unil-DNF Synaptic integration of new neurons in the adult hippocampus
Truttmann, Anita Unil-DNF Neuroprotection against neonatal stroke and asphyxia
Volterra, Andrea Unil-DNF Glia, an active synaptic partner : from physiology to neurodegeneration
Walter-Barakat, Ibtissam Unil-DNF Study of peripheral nerve regeneration
Welker, Egbert Unil-DNF   Organization and Plasticity within somatosensory system of the mouse
Chatton, Jean-Yves Unil-DNF/DP Imaging the neuron-glia metabolic interplay



Unil-Dept. Physiology (DP)

Name Institution Research Project
Chatton, Jean-Yves Unil-DNF/DP Imaging the neuron-glia metabolic interplay
Martin, Jean Luc Unil-DP Neuronal Development and Depression
Pellerin, Luc Unil-DP Neuroenergetics
Tschudi-Monnet, Florianne Unil-DP Neuroinflammation
Zurich, Marie-Gabrielle Unil-DP Cellular pathways of environmental adverse effects



Unil-Dept. Pharmacology and Toxicology (DPT)

Name Institution Research Project
Broillet, Marie-Christine Unil-DPT Cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channels / Olfaction.
Kellenberger, Stephan Unil-DPT Function and structure-function relationship of acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs)


Unil-Dept. of Medical Genetics (DGM)

Name Institution Research Project
Chrast, Roman Unil-DGM Genetics of peripheral nerve development and maintenance


Unil-Institute of Psychology (IP)


Name Institution Research Project
Brandner, Catherine Unil-IP Sex differences / Visuospatial cognition
Fahim, Cherine Unil-IP Socio-Psychobiological Adaptation
Lavenex, Pierre Unil-IP Brain and cognitive development - Neurobiological basis of learning and memory across the lifespan - Neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders
Mohr, Christine Unil-IP Experimental Study of Behavior



Unil-Center for Integrative Genomics (CIG)

Name Institution Research Project
Benton, Richard Unil-CIG Chemosensory perception and evolution in insects
Desvergne, Béatrice Unil-CIG Cellular differentiation
Franken, Paul Unil-CIG Sleep and energy homeostasis, circadian clock genes, QTL analysis, genetics of EEG activity
Tafti, Mehdi Unil-CIG Genetic basis of sleep


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Name Institution Research Project
Aebischer, Patrick EPFL-BMI Modelling and treatment of human neurodegenerative diseases in rodents
Blanke, Olaf EPFL-BMI Functional and neural mechanisms of body perception, corporeal awareness, and self consciousness
Courtine, Gregoire EPFL-BMI Spinal cord repair
Fraering, Patrick EPFL-BMI Molecular & Cellular Biology of Alzheimer's Disease
Gerstner, Wulfram EPFL-BMI Models of spiking neurons and spike-timing dependent plasticity / Neuronal coding in single neurons and populations / Role of spatial representation for navigation of rat-like autonomous agents
Hadjikhani, Nouchine EPFL-BMI Visual cortex organization: migraine, emotion perception and autism.
Herzog, Michael EPFL-BMI Basic mechanisms of visual processing in human observers
Hirling, Harald EPFL-BMI Membrane trafficking of AMPA receptors
Lashuel, Hilal EPFL-BMI Molecular Neurobiology and Functional Neuroproteomics: structural basis of amyloid-associated toxicity in neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's disease.
Magistretti, Pierre EPFL-BMI Cellular and molecular mechanisms of brain energy metabolism
Markram, Henry EPFL-BMI Structure, function and plasticity of the microcircuitry of the neocortex
Marquet, Pierre EPFL-BMI Neuroenergetics and Cellular Dynamics
Moore, Darren EPFL-BMI Molecular pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease (PD)
Petersen, Carl EPFL-BMI Synaptic mechanisms of sensory perception and associative learning
Sandi, Carmen EPFL-BMI Stress and cognitive function
Schneggenburger, Ralf EPFL-BMI Presynaptic mechanisms underlying short-term plasticity
Gruetter, Rolf EPFL-CIBM Bio-medical Imaging / In vivo neurochemistry and hypoglycemia
Knott, Graham EPFL-CIME Electron microscopy




Geneva University Hospital (HUG)

Name Institution Research Project
Ansermet, François HUG  
Bertschy, Gilles HUG Therapeutic of anxiety and mood disorders
Bijlenga, Philippe HUG Cerebral ischemia
Félicien, Karege HUG Cell Signalling and Psychiatric Disorders
Gasche, Yvan HUG Molecular mechanisms of blood-brain barrier disruption and neuronal degeneration in cerebral ischemia
González Andino, Sara HUG Understanding and mimicking the coding/decoding of sensory-motor information
Hüppi, Petra HUG Child Development Disorders: Study of normal and abnormal brain development in high risk neonates with neuro-imaging
Ibañez, Vicente HUG Brain imaging of neuropsychiatric disorders: functional cognitive processing, glucose metabolism, dopaminergic transmission and molecular binding in Alzheimer disease and schizophrenia
Karege, Félicien HUG Cell Signalling and Psychiatric Disorders
Khateb, Asaid HUG Experimental Neuropsychology: Study of various aspects of human cognition in healthy and brain-damaged patients with a particular emphasis on visual perception and language processing
Lacroix, Silvan HUG Rhinology and Olfactology: Clinical investigations of chemical senses disorders (olfaction, taste and trigeminal sense) and psychophysical and objective (evoked potentials) testing of these modalities.
Lalive, Patrice HUG Neuroimmunology
Landis, Basile HUG Rhinology and Olfactology: Clinical investigations of chemical senses disorders (olfaction, taste and trigeminal sense) and psychophysical and objective (evoked potentials) testing of these modalities.
Landis, Theodor HUG Neurology: Study of neurological disorders
Millet, Phillipe HUG PET and SPECT Quantification: Quantification of PET ligand-binder interactions
Pegna, Alan HUG Experimental Neuropsychology: Study of various aspects of human cognition in healthy and brain-damaged patients with a particular emphasis on visual perception and language processing
Pelizzone, Marco HUG Cochlear and Retinal Implants
Savioz, Armand HUG Neocortical vulnerability, compensatory mechanisms and cerebral reserve in aging and Alzheimer's disease
Schaller, Karl HUG Mechanisms of cerebral ischemia and pathophysiology of cerebral blood flow
Schnider, Armin HUG Cognitive Neurorehabilitation: Amnesia and Confabulation: Mechanisms and Rehabilitation.
Seeck, Margitta HUG EEG and Epilepsy
Steimer, Thierry HUG Clinical Psychopharmacology: Stress, anxiety and depression: from the behavioural to the molecular level
Vutskits, Laszlo HUG Neuroscience-oriented Anesthesia: Investigating the effects of anesthetics on the developing central nervous system.
Zaidi, Habib HUG PET Instrumentation and Neurosciences: Novel instrumentation technologies development, improvement of image reconstruction techniques, modeling/simulation tools and quantitative analysis strategies for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) images
Ptak, Radek HUG-Beau-Séjour Spatial Attention, Perception and Action
Malafosse, Alain HUG-Belle Idée Genetics of psychiatric disorders



Unige-University Medical Center (CMU)

Name Institution Research Project

Bernheim, Laurent


Study of skeletal muscle regeneration

Carleton, Alan


Sensory Perception and Plasticity

Dayer, Alexandre


Study of basic neuro-developmental processes such as cortical migration and early dendritic development and their implication in the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders

Giraud, Anne-Lise


Neural bases of speech processing. Electrophysiology and computational modeling

Holtmaat, Anthony


Structural synaptic plasticity

Huber, Daniel Unige-CMU Neural circuits and behavior

Jabaudon, Denis


Molecular controls over the development and plasticity of cerebral cortical maps

Kiss, Jozsef


Neuromorphology: A Neural stem/progenitor cell based approach for brain repair

Lüscher, Christian


Addiction and Dopamine System: Study of phenomena of synaptic transmission and plasticity in the ventral tegmental area to elucidate mechanims underlying addiction.

Michel, Christoph


Functional Brain Mapping: Dynamic Electric Neuroimaging of large-scale cerebral neuronal networks in the healthy and pathological human brain

Muller, Dominique


Synaptic Plasticity: Mechanisms of synaptic plasticity and remodeling of synaptic networks in cognitive functions

Mühlethaler, Michel


Sleep Networks: Neural networks involved in sleep and wakefulness

Raggenbass, Mario


Neuropeptide and Neurotransmitter physiology: Modulation of motoneuron activity by the neuropeptide vasopressin: cellular electrophysiological studies.

Schwartz, Sophie


Sleep and Cognition Neuroimaging

Thut, Gregor


Neuro-stimulation and Attention: Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for the study of human brain function and physiology in healthy participants and patients

Vuilleumier, Patrik


Behavioral Neurology and Imaging of Cognition: Combining functional brain imaging and neuropsychology to study cognitive functions, perception, and emotion, in healthy and brain-lesioned people




Name Institution Research Project
Gomez, Marie Unige-Sciences Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans as model system to study nervous system development and function
Matter, Jean-Marc Unige-Sciences Neurogenesis: Cell cycle progression and neuronal determination
Pun, Thierry Unige-Sciences Computer Vision and Multimedia: interested in multimodal interaction, affective computing, brain-computer interaction, emotions analysis
Rodriguez, Ivan Unige-Sciences Developmental and Molecular Biology of Sensory Systems


Unige-Faculty of Psychology and Education (FAPSE)

Name Institution Research Project
Barrouillet, Pierre Unige-FAPSE Cognitive processes involved in reasoning, mathematics, working memory and executive functions
De Ribaupierre, Anik Unige-FAPSE Study of cognitive development, variability and neurofunctional changes across the lifespan
Frauenfelder, Ulirch Unige-FAPSE Psycholinguistics
Grandjean, Didier Unige-FAPSE Neuroscience of Emotion and Affective Dynamics
Hauert, Claude-Alain Unige-FAPSE Motor Development and Learning: Normal and impaired perceptual and motor processes
Kerzel, Dirk Unige-FAPSE Cognitive Psychology: How attention and perceptual factors interact in the visual guidance of eye and hand movements
Labouvie-vief, Gisela Unige-FAPSE Social-emotional Development: Study of the variations occurring during the life span in neural networks involved in emotional regulation and social information processing using functional neuroimaging techniques (EEG and fMRI).
Maurer, Roland Unige-FAPSE Human Spatial Orientation
Sander, David Unige-FAPSE Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion: Investigation of cognitive mechanisms involved in the processing of self-relevant stimuli, and how these processes elicit emotions and modulate attention and memory.
Scherer, Klaus Unige-FAPSE Emotion: Theoretical development and empirical research in the affective sciences, investigating in particular the different components of the emotion process.
Zesiger, Pascal Unige-FAPSE Processing, acquisition and disorders of language : Early lexical acquisition in infants and toddlers, role of phonology and phonological working memory in lexical and grammatical acquisition in 4-5 year-olds, acquisition of lexical and grammatical spelling in school-aged children.
Van Der Linden, Martial Unige-FAPSE Psychopathology and Cognitive Neuropsychology: Theoretical development and empirical research in the field of cognitive psychopathology and neuropsychology



Unige-Service médico-pédagogique (SMP)

Name Institution Research Project
Eliez, Stephan SMP, DIP Study of neurogenetic syndromes and psychiatric disorders in children and adolescent

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