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Molecules for good sleep, molecules for bad sleep: from animal models to human sleep disorders

Organizers: Anita Lüthi, Paul Franken & Mehdi Tafti





To learn about recent insights into the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying sleep quality and sleep disorders, focusing on the links between basic sleep research, implications for human sleep, and clinical sleep research.



10am – 1pm, once a week on Mondays.
2 hours reserved for an in-depth presentation of the speaker’s topic, and 1 hour for the presentation of a key paper in the field by the students.



All courses will take place at the DBCM (Rue du Bugnon 9, Lausanne), in the Petit Auditoire, except the last two lectures, which will take place in Room 419.



  • 20.2.2012 - Dr. P. Franken, Lausanne: Concepts of sleep regulation
  • 27.2.2012 - Dr. A. Lüthi, Lausanne: Ion channel genes involved in regulating sleep quality: insights from flies and mice
  • 5.3.2012 - Dr. D. Ulrich, Dublin: Sleep-wake-dependent regulation of glutamatergic synaptic transmission
  • 12.3.2012 - Dr. R. Winsky-Sommerer, Surrey: Pharmacology of sleep disorders: the GABAergic system and novel targets to regulate sleep quality
  • 19.3.2012 - Dr. H.-P. Landolt, Zürich: Human polymorphisms and their impact for sleep-wake pharmacology
  • 26.3.2012 - Dr. M. Tafti, Lausanne: Genetics of human sleep disorders
  • 2.4.2012 - Dr. A. Viola, Basel: Per3 polymorphisms, autonomic control and waking performance
  • 16.4.2012 - Drs. M. Suter and R.-D. Gosselin, Lausanne: Pain and nociception, is sleep important?
  • 23.4.2012 - Dr. C. Peyron, Lyon: REM sleep regulation and its pathologies
  • 30.4.2012 - Dr. R. Heinzer, Lausanne: Sleep disorders in humans
  • 7.5.2012 - Dr. Vivien Bromundt, Basel: Sleep and neuropsychiatric disorders



Active participation in each discussion, plus presentation of one of the articles (the choice will be made with Moodle a few day before the course starts).

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