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Advanced PhD course in EEG recording and analysis

Organizer: Christoph Michel, BBL, CMU, Unige

NOTE: there are no places available for this year's course.
The next course will take place in 2015.

2.5 ECTS




  • 7 March - Denis Brunet (CMU) and Vincent Rochas (CMU)
    EEG preprocessing and Introduction to CARTOOL
  • 14 March - Christoph Michel (CMU) and Juliane Britz (CMU)
    Spatio-temporal analysis of spontaneous EEG and EEG microstates
  • 21 March -  Christoph Michel (CMU) and Denis Brunet (CMU)
    Frequency-domain analysis of multichannel EEG
  • 28 March - Anna Custo (CMU) and Gwenael Birot (HUG)
    EEG source localization
  • 4 April -  Thomas König (Bern) and Christoph Michel (CMU)
    Statistical analysis of multichannel EEG
  • 11 April - Frederic Grouiller (HUG) and Serge Vulliemoz (HUG)
    EEG-fMRI combination
  • 18 April - Adrian Guggisberg (HUG), Gijs Plomp (CMU)
    EEG network and connectivity analysis
  • 25 April - Marzia De Lucia (CHUV) and Athina Tzovara (CHUV)
    Single trial spatio-temporal analysis of EEG

  • 2 May - Serge Vulliemoz (HUG) and Laurent Spinelli (HUG)
    Clinical EEG, intracranial EEG, and multimodal image fusion
  • 16 May - Micah Murray (CHUV) and Jeff Knebel (CHUV)
    Spatio-temporal analysis of event-related potentials

  • 23. May - Charles Quairiaux (CMU)
    Multichannel surface and intracranial EEG in animals
  • 30 May - Tonia Rihs (CMU) and Vincent Rochas (CMU)
    TMS and EEG-TMS combination
  • 6 June - EXAM


DATES 2013
12 courses of 3 hours, on Thursdays from 2-5pm, plus one more session for the exam.


Courses will be held at the Brain & Behavior Laboratory (CMU, Geneva), except from those in bold, that will take place at the CHUV in Lausanne.


The exam type will depend on how many students register for this course.


The advanced EEG course is designed only for people who are working with EEG or neuroimaging in their PhD project. A good knowledge of the field and familiarity with the analysis softwares available is required.



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