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Man as a mechanism: the neuroscience-philosophy interface



0.5 ECTS



  • Peter Clarke (Retired Associate Professor and External Scientific Collaborator, Departement of Fundamental Neuroscience-DNF, UNIL)
  • Olaf Blanke (Full Professor, Brain and Mind Institute, EPFL)
  • Michael Esfeld (Full Professor of Philosophy of Science, UNIL)
  • Christian Sachse (MER in Philosophy of Science, UNIL)


On Monday afternoon, from 14:15-18.00.

May 13th 2013:

  • Neuroscience, physicalism and reductionism
    • Introduction: from La Mettrie to modern physicalism (Peter Clarke).
    • Neuroscience and reductionism (Peter Clarke, Michael Esfeld and Christian Sachse).
  • The self
    • Introduction on neuroscience and the self/soul: Cartesianism, monism, brain-mind identity and the "hard problem of consciousness"(Peter Clarke).
    • Experimental approaches to self-consciousness (Olaf Blanke).

May 27th 2013:

  • Determinism-1
    • The question of brain determinism: heredity, environment and noise (Peter Clarke).
    • The Libet experiments (Peter Clarke).
  • Determinism-2
    • Determinism and free will: compatibilism and incompatibilism (Christian Sachse).
    • Attempts to found libertarian free will on quantum indeterminism (Peter Clarke and Michael Esfeld).


Petit Auditoire, 1st floor of the DNF (Department of Fondamental Neuroscience, former DBCM), Rue du Bugnon 9, Lausanne.


The students will be evaluated based on their contribution during the entire course.


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