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Human Brain Seminars at CHUV



Series of weekly seminars dedicated to studies of the human brain open to all research groups in the Lemanic region.

Each seminar consists of two parts: a project presentation (10 min presentation, 10 min disussion with the audience)  and one talk (20-45 min presentation, 15 min discussion) on topics broadly related to human neuroscience. PI's, post-docs, students, clinicians, and visiting scientists are all welcome to present at the Human Brain Seminars.

The persentation is followed by a more informal discussion in the cafeteria of Mont Paisible 16 - 5th floor.



Time & Venue:

Project Presentations: Fridays 3.30-4.00pm

Human Brain Seminars: Fridays 4.00-5.00pm

CHUV PMU - ANDROS Meeting Room, easy to find near the cafe on the main entrance level (directions here).


Presentation Types:

3.30-4 pm

Project Presentation: An opportunity for a researcher to present a planned neuroimaging study and get feedback from the specialised audience. The goal is to maximize the chance that the proposed project will answer the specified research question. The Project Presentation is mandatory for MRI projects previewed for LRENs 3T scanner.

4-5.00 pm

Basic Neuroscience: A research presentation on the results of a completed or near-completed study, geared towards the broader neuroscience community.


Distinguished speaker series: Once a month a full academic lecture (45 min) will be given by a distinguished neuroscientist.


Clinical neuroscience meets basic neuroscience: Presentation of clinically relevant problem translated in a neurobiological question, which could potentially be of interest to basic neuroscientists.


More information for speakers:


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