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Research fellows


Ettore Accolla- Computational anatomy in movement disorders

Valerie Beaud - Computational anatomy of the reward system

Yohan Boilat - Brain structure - function relationship in the motor system

Jing Cui - Imaging genetics

Naghmeh Ghazaleh - Auditory neuroscience

Melody Laeser - fMRI in 16p11 syndrome

Sara Lorio - Computational anatomy of the basal ganglia

Anne Maillard - Computational anatomy in 16p11 syndrome

Renaud Marquis - Computational anatomy and fMRI in Parkinson's disease

Claudia Modenato - Computational anatomy in schizotypy

Sandrine Muller- Stroke recovery

Fabrizio Pizzagalli- Imaging neuroscience in 16p11 syndrome

Elisabeth Roggenhofer - Computational anatomy in epileptic disorders

Anne Ruef - Computational anatomy and neuropsychiatry

David Slater - MR Physics 

Valerie Zufferey - Memory and Alzheimer

Leyla Loued-Khenissi - Behavioral Neuroscience

Maxime Schubiger - MR Physics 

Elham Barzegaran - Functional connectivity using EEG

Lester Melie-Garcia - Brain connectivity and computational anatomy

Athina Tzovara - Brain function in coma

Elsa Juan - Brain function in coma





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