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Connectivity factors in neurodegenerative diseases

Principal Investigator: Maria Knyazeva


Overview and research topics

      We are studying the effects of pathological processes on structural and functional aspects of cerebral connectivity. To this end, we implement a multimodal aproach by combining MRI based methods (e.g., Magnetization Transfer Imaging, Fig. 1) and high-density-EEG based techniques (Fig. 2). We are developing new methods of analysis of functional connectivity compatible with MRI-based imaging data. The multivariate EEG synchronization techniques are among such methods. They allow a whole-brain mapping of functional connectivity (Fig. 4) and are readily compatible with the structural imaging data, which is of particular interest for application to distributed brain pathologies like schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
     In our central project we are testing the myelodegenerative hypothesis of AD. In the brain, the spread of conventional AD markers—beta-amyloid and tau-protein fragments— inversely repeats the order of myelination, which suggests that myelin breakdown is among the key events that ignite the disease. Indeed, recently we have shown that, in mild AD, demyelination of association fibers is stronger in the late-myelinating areas (Fig. 3). The key issues to explore include: Can we detect pre-clinical demyelination? How does demyelination affect functional connectivity, cognitive activity, and behavior in AD? Can individual analysis of structural and/or functional connectivity be useful for early diagnostics and novel therapeutic approaches to AD?
     In other projects, we investigate dysconnection hypothesis of schizophrenia, a role of frontal connectivity in psychogenic nonepileptic seizures, distributed functional networks in cognition. 




Key Publications

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- Fonds National Suisse project grant - Synchronization Failure in Alzheimer’s disease: Linking Brain Imaging and the Clinical Picture – 3 years CHF280K

- FNS Re’quip grant - Multimodal approach for in vivo exploration of functional and anatomical connectivity in the human brain – EEG equipment – CHF66K


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