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Methods Clinics

Methods Clinic

Every 3rd Monday of the month 10:00-10:45am

Venue - Room MP16 05 565, Centre Leenaards de la Mémoire , Mont Paisible 16, 1011 Lausanne


Methods for Dummies

Every 4th Tuesday of the month 10:50-11:30am

Venue - Room MP16 05 565, Centre Leenaards de la Mémoire , Mont Paisible 16, 1011 Lausanne



The Methods Clinic and Methods for Dummies are informal sesions open to all researchers in the community, just stop by. Specific tutorials may be sometimes announced. In particular, LREN has strong expertise in SPM and related methods.

Methods Clinic is Q&A session lead by F. Kherif where you can bring specific questions regarding experiment design, analyses, hypotheses, inferences or SPM/Matlab issues. We will try to find solutions to your (neuroimaging) problems!

Methods for Dummies is a course organised and taught by our research fellows and all other participants. The aim is to give a basic introduction to neuroimaging data acquisition(MRI and EEG) and statistical analysis methods. As fundamental source of information we use previous MfD presentations from the FIL in London, UK. The main idea is that junior researchers give talks on topics that they don't know much about it. Additionally, presenters are supported in the preparatory phase and during the presentation by a mentor, specialist in the particular domain.

Non - LREN fellows are more than welcome to attend it.





MfD Presentation schedule


 TOPIC  Date  Presenter  Mentor
 MR physics Tue, October 27, 2015 Leyla Loued-Khenissi   Antoine Lutti
 sMRI Tue, November 24 ,2015 Maya Jastrzębowska  Bogdan Draganski
 fMRI Tue, January 26,2016 Elham Barzegaran  Bogdan Draganski, Melissa Saenz
 GLM, fMRI: 1st level Tue, December 22, 2015    Ferath Kherif and Kerstin Preuschoff
 fMRI+sMRI: 2nd level Tue, February 23,2016  Elsa Juan  Ferath Kherif and Melissa Saenz
 random field theory Tue, March 22,2016  Jing Cui  Ferath Kherif
 multivariate methods Tue, April 26,2016 David Slater  Lester Melie-Garcia
Bayesian Formalism Neuroimaging Tue, May 24,2016 Sandrine Muller Lester Melie-Garcia
 Diffusion MRI      
MR physics  Tue, June 28,2016 Claudia Modenato  Antoine Lutti
  analysis (MD,FA,tractography)

 Tue, July 26,2016

Renaud Marquis  David Slater
  pre-processing      Maria Knyazeva, Marzia De Luzia
  statistical analysis      Maria Knyazeva, Marzia De Luzia



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