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Laboratoire de recherche en neuro-imagerie

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Get your brain scanned
All volunteers older than 18 years are invited to take part in our research projects.
We use non-invasive brain imaging and behavioural testing to learn more about brain function and structure.
More info under Volunteer for research.
LREN annual reports
LRENs Bogdan Draganski coauthoring a conceptual paper on restoring brain function after injury published in Brain - good job!
LRENs Elsa Juan wins the first prize at "Ma thèse en 180 secondes" ! Video available on YouTube. BRAVA !
LRENs Marzia De Lucia's letter on replicability and impact of statistics in the detection of neural responses of consciousness accepted for publication in Brain – Félicitations !
LRENs Marzia De Lucia's article on prediction of awakening from hypothermic post-anoxic coma based on auditory discrimination accepted for publication in Annals of Neurology – chapeau!
LRENs study authored by Sara Lorio et al. on how to improve the automated delineation of basal ganglia published in NeuroImage – congratulations!
LRENs paper by Sara Lorio et al on the origin of spurious morphologic changes when using T1-weighted MRI data published in the journal Human Brain Mapping – well done!
Friday 27.05 - Kristoffer Fehér, Psychiatry University Bern gives a Human Brain Seminar on the role of neural oscilations in brain networks interactions. See you at the usual place & usual time - 4pm, Salle Andros, PMU
LRENs neuroimaging platform fully operational for imaging neuroscience projects in the Lemanic area - details on access to the MRI facility under Neuroimaging Platform
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