Final exam and thesis deposit

End of the thesis work and thesis deposit | Thesis deposit

End of the thesis work and thesis deposit

Thesis work

At the end of his/her work the MD-PhD student writes a Thesis describing his/her research.

The Thesis should:

  • present the state of research in the concerned field
  • place the work in the context of current research
  • explain the methods
  • present the results, precising the author's contribution to the advancement in the concerned field
  • indicate the prospects opened by the work.

The Thesis should be written in French, German, Italian or English.

On the final copies of the Thesis, the Title page should be presented in accordance with Annex IV (see sample Title page). The Imprimatur should be placed on the back of the Title page.

Final exam

According to art. 12 of the "Règlement pour l'obtention du grade de docteur ès sciences de la vie", at the latest five weeks before the examination session (private defense), the MD-PhD student should submit to the Doctoral school secretariat the following documents:

  • A letter signed by the thesis Director, with a proposal of jury composition (name, first name, complete address including e-mail or fax) in accordance to the prescriptions of art. 14, and the place and date of the examination session.
  • A copy of the Thesis. The doctorant should send a copy to each member of the jury
  • A complete curriculum-vitae of the student
  • A summary of the Thesis in French and another in English, one page each.
  • A one-page summary in French, designed for a non expert audience. This summary will be printed at the back of the posters announcing the public defense.
  • A list of publications, communications and conferences on the thesis work.
  • The "Attestation des crédits ECTS" (certifyng the obtained credits).

A check-list is at your disposal.

Examination session (Private defense)

The candidate presents his/her Thesis to the jury and answers to the related questions. Three notes are given during this exam, one for the thesis work, one for the dissertation and one for the defense.

Public defense

At the end of the examination session, the President chooses the place and date of the public defense. The public defense takes place at the earliest three weeks after the examination session. It is generally held in French and aims the popularization of the obtained results.

If the defense is successful, the President gives the Imprimatur to the student and announces the results to the Doctoral school.


Thesis deposit

After receiving the Imprimatur, and at the latest six month after the public defense, the student deposits the final Thesis copies, according to the Annexe V of the "Règlement pour l'obtention du grade de docteur ès sciences de la vie" (instructions for the Thesis deposit). He/she transmits the document "Avis de dépot de thèse" at the BCU.

From now on, your MD-PhD Degree has to be ordered directly online (the Doctoral school will not be able to accept the paper version anymore).

The candidate is strongly encouraged to deposit an electronic version of his/her Thesis on SERVAL.

The candidate then receives the grade of "Docteur en médecine et ès sciences".

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