Thesis procedure

Thesis committee | Thesis work

Thesis committee

The thesis Committee takes part to the intermediate evaluation as well as to the final exam. It should be constituted by the thesis Director together with the MD-PhD student at the latest one year after the registration.

The thesis Committee is composed of :

  • a President, Referee of the MD-PhD Commission
  • the thesis Director
  • possibly the co-Director
  • possibly the Reporter
  • two experts which at least one of them is not working in the thesis Director Department

Thesis work

Progress of the Research project

End of the 1st year : the MD-PhD student should provide to the Doctoral school :

  • a short written report, submitted to the thesis Director's approbation and signature and send it to each thesis Committee member,
  • the thesis Committee composition
  • the check-list 1 and the certifying documents for the 4 required ECTS credits

At the end of each following year : the MD-PhD student should provide to the Doctoral school :

  • a written report signed by the thesis Director, this report has to be send to each thesis Committee member

Mid-term exam : at the latest 2,5 years after the beginning of the thesis work.

Two weeks (minimum) before the scheduled date for the mid-thesis exam, the student provides to the Doctoral school :

  • the mid-term report, presenting the results and the work progress (20 pages, double-spaced) that should be sent as well to the thesis Committee members,
  • the "Confirmation of the thesis Committee composition" provided at the end of the first year by the Doctoral school. This document should mention the date, hour and place of the exam.

The mid-term exam consists of three tests (written, oral and practical) which are assigned three notes. The final score is the arithmetical average of the three scores and must be greater than or equal to 4/6.


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