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Programme description

The MD-PhD programme is designed for medical students or medical graduates from Swiss or foreign universities interested in sciences and in an academic career.

To enter the MD-PhD programme, candidates should have been selected by the MD-PhD Commission (see admission process). The criteria for selection are successful test results, scientific commitment, the planned research project and an interview. Once selected, the candidates are admitted in the MD-PhD programme.

The programme includes a preparatory training and a doctoral training part. The success of the preparatory training is the prerequisit to undertake MD-PhD doctoral studies. The preparatory training is carried out by the candidate at his own expense.

At the end of their cursus within the MD-PhD programme done at the UNIL (FBM) or at the EPFL, the students are graduated as Doctor in medicine and in sciences.

The programme allows students to acquire scientific competences for research, centered on the diseases and the patient. It is important to preserve the translational link to the clinics and that the clinical instruction continues after the MD-PhD programme. Research can be carry out in all the fields and can be combined with the medical practice.

Thus, the MD-PhD programme allows a translational research.

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