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Track I

Description | Courses validated by the MD-PhD Commission


Duration of the programme : 3 years

The preparatory training (min. 25 ECTS credits) is conducted in parallel to the studies in medicine and contains courses, seminars, practical works and the Master thesis, proposed by the Lausanne University School of Medicine. The MD-PhD thesis starts after completion of the studies in medicine.

The students propose an individual study programme established from the list of courses validated by the MD-PhD Commission. The Commission examines all training programmes individually and validates those that meet the objectives of the MD-PhD training.

In case of late start ECTS credits can be caught up with summer schools.

By presenting a certificate it is also possible to obtain ECTS credits for internships carried out in laboratories (1 ECTS credit per week in the lab).

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Courses validated by the MD-PhD Commission

The 25 ECTS credits for the preparatory training are obtained with

1. Optional courses (3 ECTS / course)

    Medicine School

  • Tous les cours à options de BMed2
  • Gènes et vision
  • La biologie, les manifestations et la gestion du cancer
  • Neurosciences

    The University of Geneva

  • Analyse et communication scientifique, écrire pour être lu
  • Eléments d’endocrinologie moléculaire
  • Initiation à la recherche en neurosciences psychiatriques
  • Le scientifique et son modèle
  • Travaux pratiques en microbiologie

    Biology School

  • Tous les cours à options

2. Summer school (3 ECTS / course)

    Medicine School

  • Immunology course
  • Oncology course

3. Internships carried out in laboratories (1ECTS / 30 hours)

4. Master thesis (15 ECTS if carried out in a laboratory )




School of Medicine

Ms Laurence Moesching
+41 21 692 50 86

School of Biology

Ms Almudena Vazquez
+ 41 21 692 40 10

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