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Physiology Department

Name Research project
Chatton Jean-Yves Metabolic crosstalk between neurons and astrocytes: Energetic consequences of sodium homeostasis perturbation in astrocytes
Martin Jean-Luc Neuronal Development and Depression
Pellerin Luc Neuroenergetics: Roles of monocarboxylate transporters (MCTs)
Raddatz Eric Protection of the fetal heart
Schutz Yves Autoregulation of body mass & body composition
Stoop Ronald Measuring the fear response: in vitro and in vivo approaches
Tappy Luc Metabolic regulation and nutrition
Widmann Christian Modulating apoptosis and cell survival to treat human diseases


Cell Biology and Morphology Department

Name Research project
Abderrahmani Amar From Islet-beta-cells to Diabetes
Bezzi Paola Studying regulated secretion processes in the brain with imaging technologies: new advances on the role of astrocytes in the brain physiology and in inflammatory diseases
Clarke Peter Neuronal Death
Hornung Jean-Pierre Regulation of cortical neuron development by early neurotransmission
Lüthi Anita Gaining insight into the roles of sleep for neuronal function
Regazzi Romano Molecular mechanisms controlling insulin secretion under normal and physiopathological conditions
Riederer Beat Michel Proteomics in psychiatric diseases and clinically applied anatomy
Volterra Andrea Glia, an active synaptic partner : from physiology to neurodegeneration
Walter-Barakat Neuropathies périphériques et rôles des hormones thyroïdiennes dans la régénération du nerf périphérique
Welker Egbert Organisation and plasticity within the somatosensory cortex


Pharmacology & Toxicology Department

Name Research project
Broillet Marie-Christine Sensory systems : From morphology to physiological functions
Cotecchia Susanna G protein-coupled receptors: molecular basis of function and regulation
Diviani Dario Molecular and functional characterization of novel transduction complexes regulating Rho GTPases signaling in cardiomyocytes
Horisberger Jean-Daniel Na,K-ATPase, régulation de l'activité du canal à sodium épithélial (ENaC)
Hummler Edith Molecular and functional analysis of the sodium channel ENaC and the serine protease CAP1
Kellenberger Stephan Contribution of acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs) to electrical signaling in neurons, Structure function relationship of the epithelial sodium channel ENaC
Rossier Bernard Salt-sensitive hypertension: identification of downstream renal targets in the aldosterone signaling pathway and their functional role in vivo
Schild Laurent The epithelial sodium channel: structural basis for ion permeation
Staub Olivier Signalling mechanisms involved in the control of sodium homeostasis in the kidney


Biochemistry Department

Name Research project
Acha-Orbea Hans Role of dendritic cells and B cells during immune responses
Constantinou Angelo Repair of interstrand DNA crosslink during DNA replication in human cells
Corradin Giampietro Malaria: search of antigens for the development of protective vaccines
Dotto Gian-Paolo Control of epithelial stem cell potential versus differentiation and tumerogenesis
Fasel Nicolas Structural and functional studies of virulence factors in the human protozoan parasite Leishmania
Launois Pascal Immune Responses to Leishmania infection
Luther Sanjiv Stromal cells in T zones of secondaty lymphoid tissues
Mayer Andreas Membrane fusion and vesicle formation
Schneider Pascal TNF and TNFR families, a complex system of ligands and receptors
Tacchini-Cottier Fabienne Immune Responses to Leishmania infection
Thome-Miazza Margot Study of the protease MALT1 in T-cell activation
Tschopp Jürg Signaling pathways leading to apoptosis and inflammation


Medical Genetics Department

Name Research project
Bergmann Sven PhD in Systems Biology: From microarray-based modules to medical predictions
Chrast Roman Analysis of peripheral nerve development: from normal function to disease
Rivolta Carlo Human molecular genetics


Center for Integrative Genomics

Name Research project
Benton Richard Genes and circuits underlying olfactory perception in Drosophila
Desvergne Béatrice Networking activity of PPARs during development and in adult metabolic homeostasis
Franken Paul Intracellular redox-potential, sleep homeostasis, and circadian rhythms
Hernandez Nouria Mechanisms of basal and regulated RNA polymerase II and III transcription of ncRNA genes in mammalian cells
Herr Winship Regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation
Kaessmann Henrik Human evolutionary genomics, molecular evolution, origin of new genes, adaptive evolution, population genetics and history
Martin Sophie Molecular mechanisms of cell polarization
Michalik Liliane Transcriptional control of tissue repair, carcinogenesis and angiogenesis
Quadroni Manfredo Marquage métabolique et spectrométrie de masse spécifique : outils pour étudier les changements dans l'expression des protéines
Reymond Alexandre Genome Structure and Expression
Stasiak Andrzej Functional transitions of DNA structure
Tafti Mehdi Genetics of sleep disorders
Thorens Bernard Molecular and physiological analysis of energy homeostasis in health and disease
Wahli Walter The multifaceted roles of PPARs


Biotechnology Institute

Name Research project
Mermod Nicolas Genes regulation, biotechnology, molecular biology


Ludwig Institute

Name Research project
Held Werner Innate Immunity : NK cells and CD8 T
Luescher Immanuel Molecular Immunology
Michielin Olivier Onco-immunology
Romero Pedro Monitoring antigen-specific CTL and helper T cell responses
Speiser Daniel Role of coreceptors in differentiation and function of human tumor antigen specific T cells


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