Candidates have a choice between :

  • UNIL program in the field of medicine, life sciences and other disciplines within the competence of the FBM; this doctorate in medicine and in life sciences (MD-PhD) is awarded by the University of Lausanne on proposal from its Faculty of Biology and Medicine.
  • EPFL program in the field of cellular and molecular biology, biotechnologies, neurosciences, biomedical engineering and other disciplines of competence of the EPFL; this doctorate in medicine and in sciences (MD-PhD) is granted jointly by the UNIL and EPFL.

At the end of his studies of medicine, the candidate starts the MD-PhD doctoral training by registering at the University of Lausanne or the EPFL, according to the rules of each institution.

The candidates registered at either UNIL or EPFL benefit from the same teaching and infrastructures offers.

Convention UNIL-EPFL

Secretariat MD-PhD - Bureau 324 - Amphipôle - CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 40 06
Fax +41 21 692 40 05