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Admission and thesis procedure

Admission | Credits and doctoral programme | Thesis work


Are admitted in the MD-PhD doctorate students who

  • hold a Master in Medicine of a Swiss University or an other diploma judged equivalent by the UNIL Admissions Office ;
  • are accepted into the MD-PhD programme by the Lausanne MD-PhD Commission ;
  • have completed the preparatory training (Track I or II) ;
  • have a thesis director and have defined the research field in which the thesis will be carried out ;
  • are registered at the EPFL.

> Admission


Credits and doctoral programme

A total of 12 ECTS credits must be obtained during the doctoral studies. For details see the "Ordonnance sur le doctorat délivré par l'EPFL" and the "Directives sur la formation doctorale à l'EPFL".

EDBB doctoral programme

EDCI doctoral programme

EDNE doctoral programme


Thesis work

At the end of the work, the candidate writes a thesis describing his/her research according to the instructions in the "Ordonnance sur le doctorat délivré par l'EPFL" and the "Directives sur la formation doctorale à l'EPFL".

The thesis exam includes two parts :

  • The examination session (private thesis defense)
    The candidate presents his/her thesis to the jury.
  • The public thesis defense
    The public thesis defense is generally held in French and aims the popularization of the results of the thesis work.

The candidate receives the grade of "docteur en médecine et ès sciences (MD-PhD)" delivered by the EPFL and the UNIL.



Registration to the doctorate

Deadlines for the 2013-2014 academic year

Once admitted  to an MD-PhD doctorate by the MD-PhD Commission the student may enroll at any time of the year.

Generally, the deadlines for the life science doctoral programmes are

- 15th November for the enrollment to the  autumn semester;

- 1st May  for the enrollment to the spring semester.




Doctoral programme

Neurosciences and Biotechnology & Bioengineering
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Molecular Biology of Cancer & Infection
Ms Tatiana Dubi
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