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The Institute of Bioengineering | The Brain Mind Institute | The Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research | The Global Health Institute | Autres instituts

The Institute of Bioengineering

Nom Projet de recherche
Aminian Kamiar System integration and bioinspired sensors fusion for ambulatory monitoring, biomechanics and human movement models, and outcome evaluation based on long-term monitoring
Auwerx Johan Nuclear and membrane receptors that control bile acid homeostasis
Barrandon Yann Développement de modèles in vitro et in vivo afin d'améliorer les performances de la transplantation de cellules souches à visée thérapeutique chez l'homme
Dal Peraro Matteo Developement of multiscale models and schemes able to extend the time- and size-scale of current simulations
Deplancke Bart Gene regulatory networks
Hubbell Jeffrey Fibrin Matrices, Targeted Drug Delivery and Synthetic ECM Analogs
Guiducci Carlotta Design and application of electronic biosensors
Hatzimanikatis Vassily Metabolic Control Analysis under Uncertainty
Ijspeert Auke Intersection between robotics, computational neuroscience, nonlinear dynamical systems, and machine learning
Johnsson Kai Development and application of methods for characterizing protein-protein interactions
Jolles-Haeberli Brigitte Promote and support the transfer of findings from basic science of the laboratory to clinical application
Lutolf Matthias Fate changes of adult stem cells in microarrayed artificial niches
Maerki Sebastian Life Cell Imaging and Biomolecular Interactions
Pioletti Dominique Techniques and technology for patient care in the musculo-skeletic system
Stergiopulos Nikos Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular Disease
Swartz Melody Lymphatic and Cancer Bioengineering
Van De Ville Dimitri Signal processing and medical imaging
Wurm Florian Transient gene expression and gene transfer for the generation of high-producing cell lines


The Brain Mind Institute

Nom Projet de recherche
Aebischer Patrick Modelling and treatment of human neurodegenerative diseases in rodents
Blanke Olaf Functional and neural mechanisms of body perception, corporeal awareness, and self consciousness
Fraering Patrick Molecular & Cellular Biology of Alzheimer's Disease
Gerstner Wulfram Models of spiking neurons and spike-timing dependent plasticity
Hadjikhani Nouchine Visual cortex organization: migraine, emotion perception and autism
Herzog Michael Basic mechanisms of visual processing in human observers
Hirling Harald Membrane trafficking of AMPA receptors
Lashuel Hilal Molecular Neurobiology and Functional Neuroproteomics: structural basis of amyloid-associated toxicity in neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's disease
Luthi-Carter Ruth Molecular study of polyglutamine diseases, such as Huntington's disease
Magistretti Pierre Cellular and molecular mechanisms of brain energy metabolism
Markram Henry Structure, function and plasticity of the microcircuitry of the neocortex
Moore Darren Molecular pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease (PD)
Petersen Carl Synaptic mechanisms of sensory perception and associative learning
Sandi Carmen Stress and cognitive function
Schneggenburger Ralf Presynaptic mechanisms underlying short-term plasticity


The Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research

Nom Projet de recherche
Aguet Michel Identification of mediators of tumor cell invasion
Beard Peter Anti-oncogenic functions of viruses
Beermann Friedrich Melanocytes and transgenic mice
Brisken Cathrin Genetic dissection of signaling pathways important in breast development and breast cancer
Bucher Philipp Computational cancer genomics
Constam Daniel Morphogenetic signaling in stem cells and early lineages of the mouse embryo
Duboule Denis Principles of mammalian embryological development
Gönczy Pierre Mechanisms of centrosome duplication, cell division timing and asymmetric cell division
Grapin-Botton Anne Pancreas development and cancer
Huelsken Joerg Role of Wnt signals in tissue homeostasis and cancer stem cells
Kühn Lukas Rapid mRNA degradation and mice with conditional ferritin H deletion
Lingner Joachim Telomerase and chromosome end replication
Naef Felix Circadian biology, developmental patterning, transcription regulatory networks, and single cell imaging
Radtke Freddy Molecular mechanisms controlling homeostasis of self-renewing organs and their dysregulation during tumorigenesis
Simanis Viesturs Regulation of cell division


The Global Health Institute

Nom Projet de recherche
Blokesch Melanie Molecular microbiology
Cole Stewart Drug discovery for the treatment of tuberculosis as well as phylogeography and immunodiagnosis of leprosy
Harris Nicola Intestinal immunology
Lemaitre Bruno Mechanisms of microbial infection and corresponding host defense responses in Drosophila
McKinney John Persistence mechanisms in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Trono Didier Retroelements as essential constituents of the human genome, potential lethal invaders and powerful research too
van der Goot Gisou The physiological role and the cell biology of the anthrax toxin receptors and their partner proteins


Autres instituts

Nom Institut Projet de recherche
Quarteroni Alfio Mathematics Modelling and Scientific Computing
Thiran Jean-Philippe Electrical Engineering Digital image analysis


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