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Track II


Duration of the programme : 4 years

The preparatory training (min. 25 ECTS credits) is conducted after completion of the medical degree and contains courses and practical works, proposed by the Lausanne University School of Biology or the EPFL. The ECTS credits can be caught up with summer schools. The MD-PhD thesis starts after the preparatory training. This preparatory training includes practical activities that, in theory, should not be carried out in the laboratory of the thesis. The candidates have to register for a practical work which must be equivalent to the Master work of the Track I.

ECTS credits acquired during the studies of medicine for optional courses and Master works of the FBM, EPFL or other Universities, will be examined by the MD-PhD Commission which can grant an equivalence.

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Deadline registration

  • Biology School : before 30 April (autumn semester) and before 30 November (spring semester)
  • EPFL : no deadline


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School of Biology

Ms Almudena Vazquez
+41 21 692 40 10


Ms Pascale Zbinden
+41 21 693 96 01

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