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MD-PhD Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies programme | Thesis procedure | Final exam and thesis deposit

Doctoral studies programme


For the doctoral programme at EPFL, please see the EPFL website, or contact the EPFL doctoral program relevant to you specialisation.


1. Candidates to MD-PhD take part to doctoral program in Life Science organized by the FBM Doctoral School, ruled by the "PhD Règlement" (Only available in French)

2. 12 ECTS credits should be obtained by the end of the MD-PhD doctoral studies

3. At the end of the first year, at least 4 ECTS credits should be obtained. 2 of these 4 credits should be obtained by participation to 2 tutorials.

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pdf   PhD_Reglement.pdf  (4938 Kb)


Thesis procedure



For thesis procedure at EPFL, contact the EPFL doctoral program relevant to your specialisation


1. End of the first year : constitution of the thesis Committee and justification for the 4 ECTS credits

2. At the end of each year : Submission of a yearly report

3. At the latest 2,5 years after the beginning the thesis work : Mid-term exam

4. End of the thesis work : writing of the thesis dissertation

All details about the thesis procedure


Final exam and thesis deposit

Final exam

1. The thesis manuscript is submitted to the thesis Jury

2. The final exam includes 2 parts :

  • the examination session (private thesis defense) : the candidate presents his/her thesis to the Jury
  • the public defense : it is generally held in French and aims the popularization of the results of the thesis work.

All details about the final exam


Thesis deposit

After the public defense, the candidate :

Once all these requirements are fulfilled the candidate receives the grade of "Docteur en médecine et ès sciences".

file   Commande_diplome_MD-PhD  (149 Kb)

pdf   Avis_de_depot_de_these_BCU.pdf  (105 Kb)


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