Breakfast and Science at CIBM


 Breakfast & Science seminars aim at boosting scientific exchanges between CIBM cores and also at reinforcing the continuous formation of CIBM members. The format of the presentation is the following: a 10-15 min tutorial basics presentation followed by a 10 min presentation where such concepts are applied to a specific research project. Breakfast drinks and croissants will be provided afterwards to follow the science discussions between CIBM members.

The Breakfast & Science at CIBM tutorials are of course open to anyone. If you want to receive the announcement for the seminars, please subscribe to the CIBM Seminar list.

Time and Venue: Fridays 10-11 am, iteratively at the EPFL, CHUV and HUG.

For further questions or comments please contact meritxell (dot) bach (at) epfl (dot) ch.

Further details can be found at the Breakfast and Science page of the CIBM.

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