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People at the MPF

Contact with the MPF

Initial contact with the Mouse Pathology Facility should be via

Email: mousepathologylausanne@gmail.com 

Contacting the people listed below will not be accepted as a means to initiate a project.

Ivan Stamenkovic, Co-founder of Mouse Pathology Facility and Director, Institute of Pathology

Email: ivan.stamenkovic@chuv.ch 

Phillip Shaw, Co-founder of Mouse Pathology Facility

Email: phillip.shaw@chuv.ch

Marlene Maire, Coordinator Mouse Pathology Facility

Email: marlene.maire@chuv.ch


Benoit Lhermitte, Pathologist 

Email: benoit.lhermitte@chuv.ch


Samuel Rotman, Pathologist 

Email: samuel.rotman@chuv.ch


Jean-Christophe Stehle, Head of Mouse Pathology Facility Laboratory


Email: jean-Christophe.Stehle@chuv.ch


Janine Horlbeck, Assistant to Jean-Christophe Stehle

Email: janine.horlbeck@chuv.ch


PCNA staining


Serpin staining


Staining for Parachlamydia


Staining for Nestin


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