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Activities organized by the Population Genomics program are primarily for PhD students belonging to the doctoral program. If there are places available, other master students, PhD students, and academics can attend for free, but travelling/accommodation expenses cannot be reimbursed.


  • Register to an activity.
  • Attend the activity. Active participation in the activities is needed to gain maximal output. This may include homework, making poster/oral presentations, writing reports, reading a paper, looking for references before going to a seminar.
  • Sign the participation list each day of the activity. Teachers or course organizers are responsible for signing the certificate of attendance relating to their course. This certificate will then be handed out to the participants shortly after the end of the activity.
  • For activities organized by others than the Population Genomics program you need to ask for an attestation. Hand in or send the confirmation of your participation to the doctoral program coordinator.
  • To help us to improve the quality and the offer of activities, please fill out also the evaluation form and send it to the doctoral program coordinator together with the certificate of participation.

Activities organized by or together with others and listed on the web site of the Population Genomics doctoral program are approved for PhD students of the doctoral program. Therefore, travel/accommodation and course fees can be reimbursed due to the program directives.

Activities not mentioned on the program web site may still be recognized. The request for recognition of an activity must be submitted to the coordination office of the doctoral program in good time.

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