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Group Leaders

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Group  Research Field 
Ebert  Evolutionary Biology 
Salzburger  Evolutionary Biology 


Group  Research Field 
Excoffier  Population Genetics 
Heckel  Population Genetics 
Seehausen  Evolutionary and Ecological Genetics 


Group  Research Field 
Haag  Population Genetics 
Lexer  Evolutionary Genetics 


Group  Research Field 
Fumagalli  Genetics and Conservation Biology 
Goudet  Population Genetics 
Guisan  Spatial Ecology 
Kawecki  Evolutionary Biology 
Keller  Evolutionary genetics and ecology of social life 
Niculita Hirzel  Groupe Risques Biologiques 
Reymond  Genome Structure and Expression 
Robinson-Rechavi  Evolutionary Bioinformatics 
Salamin  Phyloinformatics and Molecular Phylogenetics 
Sanders  Ecology and Evolution of Symbiotic Organisms 
Wedekind  Evolutionary Biology and Ecology / Evolutionary Conservation Biology 
van der Meer  Environmental Microbiology 
Xenarios  Vital-IT / High Performance Computing Center 


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