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Activities 2011

Activities organized by the DPPG

Date  Title  Inscription 
Feb 7-9  Bayesian Statistics in Ecology  CLOSED 
March 17  DPPG Meeting 2011  CLOSED 
May 3-5  Model selection and statistical inference  CLOSED 
May 19  Seminar: Next-generation Sequencing Applications  not needed 
Sep 5-8  Introduction to Coalescent Theory  CLOSED 
Oct 17-20  An Introduction to R  CLOSED 



Activities supported by the DPPG

PhD students from the DPPG program can apply for reimbursement of their expenses for travel, accommodation and/or course fee.

Date  Title  By 
Feb 7-11  Introduction to Statistics for Biologists  SIB 
June 18-25  Guarda-Workshop in Evolutionary Biology  Prof. Ebert, UniBa 
June/July  Evolutionary Biology Workshop in the Alps  DPEE 
Aug 29 - Sep 2  Unix/Perl for biomedical researchers  StarOmics 
Sep-Nov  Tutorial: Genomics-Ecology-Evolution  DEE, UniL 
Nov 4+17/18  How to give a scientific presentation: talks and posters  DPEE 



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