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An Introduction to Bayesian Statistics in Ecology

February 7 – 9, 2011, BERN


Dr. Wayne Dawson, University of Bern

This is a joint course between the Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolution
and the Doctoral Program in Population Genomics.


Dr. Marc Kery, Swiss Ornithological Institute

Program Outline

Day 1

- Soft intro Bayes stats
- WinBUGS as a standalone application
- WinBUGS run from R
- basics of the linear models: the design matrix (book chapter 6)

Day 2

- linear and generalised linear models
- mixed models (one-way ANOVA)
- perhaps start general mixed models, such as "random-effects ANCOVA"

Day 3

- more mixed models

General information

Date: February 7-9, 2011
Time: to be announced
Location: Institute for Plant Sciences, University of Bern
Number of participants: 20



If you do not have an account at MyCUSO, please contact Nadia Bruyndonckx

Deadline: 28.01.2011

Priority is given to PhD students of the Doctoral Programs in Population Genomics & Ecology and Evolution.


Nadia Bruydonckx
Coordinator of the Inter-University Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolution


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