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Philosophical perspectives on the exact sciences and their history

EPFL-SHS Master Projects

Schedule Autumn term 2013, room ELG 120: 

Wed 18 Sept.:

16h15-17h30 Michael Esfeld: Introduction to the programme

17h45-18h45 Michael Esfeld: Natural philosophy: Newton on physics and philosophy

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Wed 25 Sept.:

16h15-17h30 Matthias Egg: Scientific realism

17h45-18h45 Matthias Egg: Causal explanations

Wed 2 Oct.:

16h15-17h30 Michael Esfeld: Philosophy of space and time: the classical positions

17h45-18h45 Michael Esfeld: Philosophy of space and time: the contemporary debate

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Wed 9 Oct.:

16h15-17h30 Michael Esfeld: Quantum physics: non-locality and the measurement problem

17h45-18h45 Michael Esfeld: The ontology of quantum physics

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Wed 16 Oct.:

16h15-17h30 Mario Hubert: Philosophy of mathematics

17h45-18h45 Matthias Egg & Mario Hubert: How to write an essay (Essay guidelines by Jim Pryor)


by Wed 23 Oct. at the latest: Definite fixing of the groups & essay subjects

Work on essay plan, one meeting with supervising assistant; submit essay plan to supervising assistant by 22 Nov. (or at least one week before your presentation).


Wed 27 Nov., Wed 4 Dec., Wed 11 Dec., Wed 18 Dec. 16h15-18h45:

Presentations of essay plans: 15 minutes presentation (power point), 15 minutes discussion.



Course booklet 

Official titlepage for the essays (english, french)

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