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Model-based estimation of lowest observed effect concentration from replicate experiments...
Silvia Calderazzo, Denise Tavel, Marie-Gabrielle Zurich, Annette Kopp-Schneider
In vitro and in silico Models to Study Mosquito-Borne Flavivirus Neuropathogenesis,...
Megan Chesnut , Laura S. Muñoz, Georgina Harris , Dana Freeman, Lucio Gama, Carlos A. Pardo and David Pamies.
Protein pathway analysis to study development-dependent effects of acute and repeated...
Domitille Schvartz, Víctor González-Ruiz, Nadia Walter, Paola Antinori, Fabienne Jeanneret, David Tonoli, Julien Boccard, Marie-Gabrielle Zurich, Serge Rudaz, Florianne Monnet-Tschudi, Jenny Sandström, Jean-Charles Sanchez
Squalene: friend or foe for cancers
Rosa Chiara Paolicelli and Christian Widmann
A SY-Stematic approach towards understanding stem cell biology
Gregor-Alexander Pilz, Marlen Knobloch
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