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Decoding the language of astrocytes via 1D-to-3D Ca2+ imaging
02.07.2018 at 12h15 : DP Seminar "Know Thy Neighbour" - Prof. A. Volterra
The endodermis – A very different polarised epithelium
18.06.2018 at 12h15 : DP Seminar "Know thy Neighbour" - Seminar room 06, BU7
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ln vitro Cortical Network Firing is Homeostatically Regulated : A Model for Sleep...
Sohrab Saberi-Moghadam, Alessandro Simi, Hesam Setareh, Cyril Mikhail & Mehdi Tafti
AMPK activation caused by reduced liver lactate metabolism protects against hepatic...
Lionel Carneiro, Mohamed Asrih, Cendrine Repond, Christine Sempoux, Jean-Christophe Stehle, Corinne Leloup, François R. Jornayvaz, Luc Pellerin

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