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Progress reports 2015



AM: AnaMarques
BK: Bengt Kayser (ISSUL)
CW: Christian Widmann
FA: Francesca Amati
FP: François Pralong
FTM: Florianne Tschudi-Monnet
GM: Grégoire Millet (ISSUL)
JAH: Jacques-Antoine Haefliger
LF: Luis Fajas 
LP: Luc Pellerin
LT: Luc Tappy
MGZ : Marie-Gabrielle Zurich
NP: Nelly Pitteloup
NR: Nathalie Rosenblatt
RR: Romano Regazzi


12 h 15 -- Salle des séminaires, niveau 6 -- Département de Physiologie, Rue du Bugnon 7, 1005 Lausanne. Date Orateur
"microRNA-dependent role of long non-coding RNAs in embryonic stem cells" 05.02 Maria Ferreira Da Silva, group AM
" HDL-mediated beta-cell protection" 12.02 Sabine Rütti, group CW
Hypothalamic Ketone bodies sensing: New player in energy homeostasis regulation 19.02 Lionel Carneiro, group LP
'The role of CDK7 in adipose tissue metabolism' 26.02 Honglei Ji, group LF
“Effect of normobaric hypoxic walking training on mechanics and energetics of gait in obese adults (Preliminary results) “ 04.03 Aitor Fernandez Menendez, group GM
PolyNut Study: Could polyphenols prevent the deleterious effects of overfeeding ? 11.03 Nabai-Al-Huda Yassin, group FP
CDK4 controls fatty acid oxidation via the repression of AMPK activity 18.03 Isabel Lopez, group LF
Metabolic characterization of human primary skeletal muscle cells 01.04 Sylviane Lagarrigue, group FA
Identification of disease-associated long noncoding RNAs using an eQTL approach 08.04 Jennifer Tan, group AM
Implications of SHB adaptor protein in DNA damage signaling 15.04 Daniel Constantin, group CW
Beta-Klotho, from reproduction to metabolism 22.04 Emmanuel Somm, group NP
Participation of gap junction channels made of Connexin37 during hypertension 29.04 Loic Le Gal, group JAH
Neural differentiation of human stem cells 13.05 Chiara Sartori, group MGZ
How hypothalamic glial cells link metabolism and reproduction ? 20.05 Sarah Geller, group LP
"Circadian rhythm in newborn pancreatic islets: role of miRNAs" 03.06 Adriana Rodriguez, group Regazzi
"Effects of environmental stress on repeated sprints" 10.06 Franck Brocherie, group Millet
« Involvement of potassium channels in endosomal trafficking of the TAT-RasGAP317-326 anti-cancer peptide. » 17.06 Sébastien Michel, group Widmann
"The cell cycle transcription factor E2F1 controls liver metabolism" 01.07 Auditoire 322, DNF Pierre-Damien Denechaud, goup LF
Mitochondria turn-over and adaptations in muscle: from zebrafish to human 08.07 Yoan Arribat, group FA
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