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Progress reports 2016

Progress reports 2016 - 2017

12 h 15 -- Salle des séminaires, niveau 6 Date Orateur
TAT-RasGAP317-326: an anticancer and antimicrobial peptide 30.09 Mathieu Heulot, group CW
Are carriers for hereditary fructose intolerance predisposed to metabolic disturbances when exposed to fructose? 07.10 Christel Tran, group LT
Presentation research group 14.10 Prof. Mehdi Tafti
Role of p120RasGAP cleavage in tumorigenesis 21.10 Güliz Vanli, group CW
Expanding the functional repertoires of lincRNAs: involvement in the Mouse embryonic stem cell cycle 28.10 Adam Smith, group AM
Androgenic responses to aerobic exercise in older adults. 04.11 Emmanuel Ofori, group FA
“Alteration of fructose metabolism by galactose: a pilot study” 11.11 Robin Rosset, group LT
« Regulation of the Tat-RasGAP317-326 anti-cancer peptide by potassium channels » 18.11 Sébastien Michel, group CW
" linc-MoP is a modulator of embryonic stem cell state. " 25.11 Maria Ferreira da Silva, group AM
Role of the gap junction protein connexin 37 in smooth muscle cells proliferation and intimal hyperplasia. 02.12 Florent Allagnat, group JAH
09.12 Sabine Rütti Roch, group CW
16.12 Sohrab Saberi, group MT
13.01 Lauriane Hamard, group JAH
20.01 Yoan Arribat, group FA
27.01 Ana Surowska, group LT


AM:    Prof. Ana Marques
BK:    Prof. Bengt Kayser (ISSUL)
CW:   Prof. Christian Widmann
FA:    Prof. Francesca Amati (ISSUL)
FTM:  Dr. Florianne Tschudi-Monnet
JAH:  Prof. Jacques-Antoine Haefliger (CHUV)
LP:    Prof. Luc Pellerin
LT:    Prof. Luc Tappy
MGZ: Dr. Marie-Gabrielle Zurich
NP:   Prof. Nelly Pitteloup (CHUV)
NR:   Dr. Nathalie Rosenblatt (CHUV)


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