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Progress reports 2015



AM: AnaMarques
BK: Bengt Kayser (ISSUL)
CW: Christian Widmann
FA: Francesca Amati
FP: François Pralong
FTM: Florianne Tschudi-Monnet
GM: Grégoire Millet (ISSUL)
JAH: Jacques-Antoine Haefliger
LF: Luis Fajas 
LP: Luc Pellerin
LT: Luc Tappy
MGZ : Marie-Gabrielle Zurich
NP: Nelly Pitteloup
NR: Nathalie Rosenblatt
RR: Romano Regazzi


12 h 15 -- Salle des séminaires, niveau 6 -- Département de Physiologie, Rue du Bugnon 7, 1005 Lausanne. Date Orateur
TAT-RasGAP317-326-induced cell death differs from known modes of regulated death 04.09 Mathieu Heulot, group CW
"Contribution of neurons and astrocytes to behavioral deficits and striatal degeneration in Huntington's disease" 11.09 Cécile Meunier, group LP
Contribution of CDK4 in brown adipose tissue biology 18.09 Judit Castillo Armengol, group LF
How the reduced consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages impacts food intake behavior and brain responses to food viewing 02.10 Camille Crézé, group LT
The caspase-3/RasGAP stress sensor module and the control of cell metabolism 09.10 Güliz Vanli, Group CW
Development of a human embryonic stem cell-derived 3D model for neurotoxicity testing 16.10 Jenny Sandstrom, group FTM
"Beta-hydroxybutyrate supports synaptic vesicle cycling but reduces endocytosis in rat brain synaptosomes" 23.10 Audrey Hébert, group LP
Exploring the role of SMC3 and COL3A1 de novo mutations in a proband with complex phenotype 30.10 Daniele Cassetelle, group NP
The role of CDK4 on insulin signaling in cancer 06.11 Laia Martinez
Combined effects of hypoxia and occlusion on repeated sprint performance in cycling 13.11 Sarah Willis, group GM
"Metabolic adaptation to endurance-training with glucose-fructose beverages. " 20.11 Robin Rosset group LT
27.11 group LT
04.12 Maritxell Orpinell Marcade, group LF
11.12 group BK
18.12 Nadia Steiner, group LP
08.01 Alvaro Cuesta
15.01 Kathryn Burton, group FP
22.01 group NR
29.01 Andrea Messina, group NP
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