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News and events

Publié le  06.03.17
Modifié le  06.03.17

Biologie - Recherche - Santé - Symposium


A symposium dedicated to students and post-docs will be held on April 4, 2016 at the César Roux Auditorium at the CHUV, Lausanne.
Mardi 4 Avril 2017 (8h00 - 20h00) - CHUV - César Roux Auditorium

Conférencier(s)/animateur(s):  Prof. Etienne Meylan School of Life Sciences, ISREC Institute, EPFL  -  Prof. Olaia Naveiras Laboratory of Regenerative Hematopoiesis, EPFL and Department of Medicine and Oncology (Hematology) CHUV

Organizers: Prof. J. Auwerx, Prof. Bart Deplancke, Prof. B. Desvergne, Prof. L. Fajas, Prof. F. Pralong, Prof. B. Thorens, Prof. K. Sakamoto, Prof. K. Schoonjans and Dr. L. Descamps.

Guest organizers: Isabelle Chareyron (NIHS), Caterina Collodet (NIHS), Mukul Girotra (Unil), Mary Gonzalez Melo (CHUV), Elena Katsyuba (EPFL), Darko Maric (Unil), Laia Martinez Carreres (Unil), Omid Mashinchian (NIHS), Erica Reggi (unil), Tanja Sonntag (NIHS), Laura Steinbusch (unil), Magda Zachara (EPFL).


- Abstracts submission: March 14, 2017

11 abstracts will be selected by the organizing committee for oral short talks.

- Registration : March 20, 2017

Request for the acreditaion by the RESAL will be done once all abstracts will be selected.


2 Prizes for the oral presentations.
2 poster Prizes.

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