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Homology Modeling
Protein Engineering - Estimation of side chain contributions to the interaction between macromolecules
- Estimation of side chain contributions to the structural stability of a macromolecule
MD simulations Study of the dynamical behavior of macromolecules, in relation with the sequence and the structure
Drug Design - Docking of small molecules
- Study of the interactions between small molecules and macromolecules
- Design of new putative ligands
- Optimization of existing ligands
Molecular Graphics - Production of figures or short videos for scientific communications (poster, articles, presentations)
- Support in macromolecule visualization
Teaching - Molecular Modeling courses
- Molecular Graphics tutorial



Starting from July 1rst 2011, the following fees will be applied.

Activity Price (CHFs)
Figure 100
Video 300
Simple prediction (secondary structure elements, residues exposed/buried, etc...) 200
Simple homology model 500
Docking of a limited number of molecules (n lower than 50) to a protein of known structure 150 + 10n

The price for other activities will be provided upon request. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.