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Dr. Pascal Vittoz

Curriculum vitae


Insitut des dynamiques de la surface terrestre

University of Lausanne



ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0003-4218-4517

Personal pages and publications

Coordinator of the PERMANENT.PLOT.CH project

Married, one child


Senior lecturer (Maître d'enseignement et de recherche), in Faculty of geosciences and environment, University of Lausanne


Senior lecturer (Maître d'enseignement et de recherche), in Faculty of biology and medicine, University of Lausanne


Different, successive employments (junior lecturer, lecturer) in Faculty of geosciences and environment and Faculty of biology and medicine, University of Lausanne


Post-doctorate in dendrochronology and forest dynamics, Lincoln University (New Zealand)


PhD in botany and vegetation ecology, University of Lausanne; teaching assistant in botany and vegetation ecology


Studies on models in ecology in University of Osnabrück (Germany)


Studies in biology (University of Lausanne), with specialisation in botany and plant physiology



Ecologie végétale: lectures (3rd semester); introduction to vegetation ecology and the main plant communities in Switzerland

Biologie: lectures (3rd semester); introduction to biology for students in geosciences

Floristique théorique: lectures and practicals in bachelor (6th semester); introduction to plant taxonomy

Analyse des habitats: lectures and fieldwork in bachelor (6th semester); methods for studying plant communities and vegetation, main problems in biodiversity conservation

Phytosociologie et synsystématique: lectures in master (8th semester); historical development and modern use of central european phytosociology, other important methods for the description of plant communities

Méthodes d'étude de la végétation: lectures and practicals in master (8th semester); different methods for vegetation sampling and data analyses

Relations sols-végétation: excursions in master (8th semester); description of vegetation and soils, relationships between these two components of the ecosystems (in collaboration with C. Le Bayon)

Sols et végétation des Alpes: excursion in master (8th semester); description of vegetation and soils in the Alps

Analyse du paysage naturel - cartographie: excursion in master (8th semester); maps of vegetation, soil et geology of the same area (in collaboration with E. Verrecchia)

Main research interests

  • Methodology for vegetation samplings
  • Impact of climate change on vegetation (projects PERMANENT.PLOT.CH and GLORIA)
  • Forest dynamics
  • Classification and changes of plant communities
  • Ecology and conservation of Saxifraga hirculus in the Jura Mountains
  • Pasture management in Jura Mountains
  • Protection and management plans of wetlands, ecological management plans
  • Scientific popularization by teaching or booklets




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