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What is a permanent plot?

Three types of permanent plots are considered in this project.

  • Plots regularly sampled, marked on the field (posts, carved signs, ...) with a precise description (see bibliography Pauli et al. 2010).

Picture of a permanent plot set up in 1948 by W. Lüdi along Aletsch glacier


  • Relevés published in a book or article, with a precise description, coordinates, a sketch or photograph which allow it to be found again as precisely as possible (see bibliography Vittoz et al. 2009).

Phytosociological relevé relocated on the basis of precise coordinates and the topographical description


  • Complete list of species on a summit, with the limit (altitude) of the sampled area. The limits of a new sampling will probably not be very precise, but the large area will compensate the lack of precision (see bibliography Vittoz et al. 2008; Vittoz et al. 2009).

Radüner Rothorn (GR), 3022 m: W. Schibler published a list of species for the last 5 meters after he climbed it in 1897


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