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Research Grant Applications

The same Research Grant Proposal has been submitted to the Swiss National Science Foundation (www.snf.ch; Oct. 2009), to the Foundation Pierre Mercier (www.fondationmercier.ch/; Dec. 2009) and to the Ligue Suisse contre le Cancer (www.liguecancer.ch/fr; Feb. 2010).

All the above Foundation declined to support our research proposal.

The scientific Committee of the Fondation Pierre Mercier have decided to support basic research rather than (our) translational research and researchers in temporary job position rather than investigators with permanent positions. Logically, our proposal was not reviewed. I fully understand.
The Swiss National Science Foundation did not send our proposal for review and give some kind of awkward and weird explanation (...).
The 4 reviewers from the Ligue Suisse contre le Cancer gave some good criticisms beside the fact that some are usual and generic: not really new, not sure that it can be done etc... One reviewer was really supportive, the others rather neutral or negative.

We struggled but eventually obtained promising results that were pulished:
Important Role of CYP2J2 in Protein Kinase Inhibitor Degradation: A Possible Role in Intratumor Drug Disposition and Resistance.
Narjoz C, Favre A, McMullen J, Kiehl P, Montemurro M, Figg WD, Beaune P, de Waziers I, Rochat B. PLoS One. 2014; 9: e95532.

We will not continue on this project as principal investigator but fortunately our colleagues at the Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou in Paris and at the INSERM UMR S-U775 in Paris are now continuing this research.

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Main and additional documents of our research can be found below:

The Current status of research in the field in which the work is planned can be found in the recently published review: Curr Cancer Drug Targets. 2009;9:652-74. Please, click here to find this review.

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