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Skills of the qMSF Team

Expertise at qMSF is based on the skills of the qMSF team and his lab head (see his CV below) and the available LC-MS systems and set up.

State of the art in LC-MS/MS analysis at qMSF:

  1. Absolute Quantification of endogeneous or synthetic-peptides at in vivo levels (e.g. 10 to 100 pM) in plasma or other matrices. A generic approach for these non-proteomic peptide analyses has been set-up. This project has been developped through collaborations with international LC-MS Corporation and Pharma Companies. Ultrasensitive detection of large peptides extracted from plasma is an outstanding skills at qMSF. See LC-MS chromatograms of plasma extracted peptides here.

Usual LC-MS/MS analysis at qMSF:

  1. Quantitative methods for drugs, peptides, endogenous compounds in plasma or other matrices.
  2. Identification of biotransformation products of drugs and peptides.
  3. Kinetic studies of the fate of drugs or peptides in in vitro incubations or patients plasma.
  4. Analyses following FDA guidelines.

 CV of the head of qMSF at a glance:

  1. Since 2003, Dr. Bertrand Rochat is at qMSF.
  2. 2001-2002: 2 years experience in LC-MS/MS analysis under GLP rules at a lab of Novartis Pharma, Basel, Switzerland.
  3. 1997-2000: 4 years experience as post-doc fellow in France, USA, Switzerland and UK laboratories.
  4. 1992-1996: PhD from the University of Lausanne in drug metabolism and analytical chemistry.
  5. Detailed CV in the following document :



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