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The Team at qMSF


The qMSF team is composed of a lab head, Dr. Bertrand Rochat, and a few people such as lab technicians, post/doc fellows, engineers, scientific fellows, master students etc...

Please, find some people who work or have worked on LC-MS/MS instruments at qMSF :

At present : 

  • Dr Bertrand Rochat , biochemist, mass spectrometrist
  • Baptiste Grund, analitical chemist, Ing. HES-SO

In the past (chemists, pharmacist, biologists, Master students)

  • Dr Aly Thiocone
  • Dr Amélie Favre
  • Dr Bilgin Vatansever
  • Dr Hamid Reza Sobhi
  • Dr Laure Marvin
  • Dr Marc Marull
  • Dr Nunzio Salluce
  • Dr Nathalie Cueille
  • Dr Veronica Dubbini 
  • Dr Karim Alexandre Abid
  • Dr Ronan Euzen
  • Dr Selina Günther
  • Dr Steve Bruce
  • Dr Zeb Youard
  • Alicia Zangger
  • Aurélie Fayet
  • Benoît Pesse
  • Blanka Svacinka
  • Bruna de Jesus
  • Chantal Lattmann
  • Davide Peduzzi
  • Elizabet Vazquez
  • Elodie Pelissier
  • Emmanuel Kottelat
  • Fabien Rawyler
  • Gregory Romano
  • Hamza Benziane
  • Hugo Figueiredo
  • Julia Billat
  • Justin McMullen
  • Marko Krstic
  • Maryam Cheaib
  • Meriem Ben Chikh El Fegoun
  • Philippe Kiehl
  • René Nellen
  • Sabine Lahrichi
  • Sandrine von Grünigen
  • Séverine Moret
  • Soura Challal
  • Suzan Mejdi
  • Sylvie Guinchard


qMSF Medals

There are a few qMSF medals that can be given as awards:

Gold Medal : is given to a person who has shown the highest expected dedication and expertise in his research work.

Merit Medal : is given to a person who has shown a high capacity to adapt to qMSF demands and come back to the top after some difficult time.

Chocolate Medal : is given to a person who has shown a strong team spirit and a high capability to strengh the qMSF team.

Oak Medal : is given to a person who has worked at least 5 years at qMSF.

Granite Medal : is given to a person who has shown dedication, expertise and team spirit for a few years at qMSF.


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