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Biology and Medicine

Interdisciplinarity is the key to open, fluid research, which has placed Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) and the University of Lausanne at the forefront of life sciences.

Research, a question of reaching out

Research is the heart of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM). In the Lausanne University Hospital and the FBM, it brings together doctors conducting research in clinical sciences and researchers in fundamental sciences. It is this dynamic combination that paves the way for progress and the pushing back of boundaries. In this respect fundamental research plays a pioneering role, throwing light on new avenues of human, animal and plant biology. Some will lead to applications in fields such as the environment, industry, agronomy or sustainable development. But also and above all, fundamental research advances our knowledge of the living world, creating a “bed of knowledge” which can serve as the foundation for other research and other knowledge.

Within the FBM, research is also the agent that binds the fundamental and clinical sciences. the first step in encouraging a harmonious dialogue is to return clinical research to its rightful place. Because today, wonderful opportunities are emerging linked to the promise of genomic medicine and personalised medicine; a field in which the FBM can contribute as an innovator. And this second wind of clinical research will allow us more effectively to define and support cross-disciplinary research: the latter, by optimising the transfer of scientific innovation “from the test tube to the patient’s bedside", serves as a bridge with fundamental research.

Fundamental research, clinical research, cross-disciplinary research: three aspects of the same forward-looking dynamic of the FBM that has cemented Lausanne’s reputation in life sciences. Openness and rigour: these are the qualities that will allow us to remain in the vanguard and maintain this excellence, and – why not? – sow the seeds of new sciences.

Prof. Béatrice Desvergne
Dean of the Faculty
Director of Education and Research

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