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Theology and Religious Studies

Research in Theology and Religious Studies

The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies seeks excellence in research at an international level.

Research is organised in three institutes:

Researchers at the Institute of Religions, Cultures and Modernity (IRCM) study religions as products of culture, examining them from a broad comparative-historical perspective and according to an order of theoretical reflection. The research horizon encompasses European modernity to the present day. The methods used are history of religions (Rome and Chicago schools), cultural history, historical anthropology, sociology of culture and social anthropology.

The main task of the Institute of Social Sciences of Contemporary Religions (ISSRC) is to analyse religions in the contemporary world from the viewpoint of the social sciences. The main disciplines involved are the sociology of religions, the psychology of religion and the social sciences of migrations. The ISSRC is also home to the Observatory of Religions in Switzerland.

The study field of the French-speaking Swiss Institute of Biblical Sciences (IRSB) covers all Jewish and Christian literatures of Antiquity and more particularly biblical and apocryphal writings. Since its foundation, the IRSB has developed two fields of competence: firstly, the editing and commenting of Christian apocryphal manuscripts; secondly, the study of the origin of texts contained in Jewish and Christian canons from the perspective of social, political and cultural history.

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