Organizing a course/symposia: how to ask?

There is 2 ways to proceed 

Your ask may be submitted to cantonal veterinarian authorities (DAVI - VD; DGS;- GE) or to swiss authorities in charge of continuous education accreditation (Swiss association of cantonal veterinarian - ASVC/VSKT)

1. Submission to cantonal veterinarian autorithies (GE or VD)

Fill the form  "Accreditation_ask" and send it back to

After checking, document will be submitted to cantonal authorities for decision

2. Submission to Swiss Association of Cantonal Veterinarians (ASVC/VSKT)

Fill the form  "Recommandation à la reconnaissance pour cours de formation et perfectionnement du personnel spécialisé dans l'expérimentation animale" Annexe 1  (76 Ko)

Send it back to,

with program, talks abstracts, and justification (criteria listed here:

Note on symposia: poster sessions are not considered. It's useless to send posters abstracts. Only talks are validated.

After checking, document will be submitted to ASVC for decision

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