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According to the DFE Ordinance 455.109.1, individuals who carry out or supervise animal experiments, must follow the introductory course in laboratory animal science (module 1; section 2: article 23). Supervisors also have to attend a second course (module 2; section 3: article 27) to acquire the expertise and techniques necessary to plan and supervise animal experimental protocols.

455.109.1  (501 Ko)

Individuals who have received an equivalent training, described in the sections 2 and 3 of the DFE Ordinance 455.109.1, during their vocational training or university studies, can be exempted either partially or in full from this training (module 1 and 2).

If this is your case, you will need to contact:

if you work at UNIGE (CMU, Sciences) or HUG,  Dr. Marjolaine Philit,

if you work à l'UNIL ou au CHUV,  Dr. Laure Seriot

if you work at  EPFL,  Dr. Isabelle Desbaillets or Dr Eleonora Simeoni

You should send your  curriculum vitae, your publication's list,  and all documents about your formation in animal experimentation. Those 3 persons will send your ask to the cantonal authorities and give you advices.


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