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Réseau des animaleries lémaniques
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Education course on laboratory animal experimentation - module 1 : Theoretical and practical course on "laboratory rodants" (40h), practical course on "laboratory aquatic animals" (20h), practical course on "pigs" (20h)



Module 1 course organization:

Course contents one theoretical part (20h) focused on laboratory animals (mainly rodents, but aslo fishes - zebrafishes-, amphibians - xenopus- and farm animals - pigs and sheeps-. 

It contents also 3 distincts practical parts (20h00) focused on laboratory rodents, laboratory aquatic animals and pigs. .

Theoretical part on laboratory animals is common to all practical parts. Participants working on  laboratory rodents must register to entire module 1 "laboratory rodents" (select option "theory and practice" in on line registration form). Participants  working with other laboratory species (xenopus, fishes, pigs) must register to the theoretical part of module 1 "laboratory rodents" (select option "theory " in registration form) and register again for the practical part of interest.

The course on laboratory rodents (40h) is the only one to be recognized by FELASA ( "Felasa Catégory" B)




For any questions about courses:

Don't hesitate to send an e-mail to Fabienne Chabaud: Fabienne.Chabaud-Barandun@chuv.ch


For EPFL "PhD students" ONLY:

The EPFL PhD students only need to suscribe to the theoretical part of the module 1 course organised by the RESAL. The practical training is organised by the EPFL. For more informations, please contact Dr Eléonora Simeoni or Dr Isabelle Desbaillets at the following e-mail adress:



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