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Continuing education

According to the article 190 of the OPAn, all supervisors and researchers performing animal experiments must complete four days of additional training every four years.

455.1  (937 Ko)

According to the article 50 of the DFE Ordinance 455.109.1, multithematic symposiums, congresses and courses attended either in Switzerland or abroad which are related to animal experimentation will be evaluated and acknowledged as continuing education by the cantonal authorities on request of the interested party. To obtain this recognition, you will have to provide the cantonal veterinary office with the program (abstract book), as well as a certificate of participation to those enrolled in the course, congress, or symposium.

455.109.1  (501 Ko)

Continuing education courses in Switzerland


How to organize a seminar or a course recognized as continuing education

1) For the seminars:

Criteria for seminar recognition

The content of the seminars should be related to the 3Rs (reduce, refine replace) in specific fields of research, characterization of new animal models or must directly concern laboratory animal sciences (housing, hygiene, ethics, anesthesia, analgesia, diseases and particular pathologies, new model, etc). The acquisition of scientific knowledge in a specific field of research is not considered per se as continuing education.


The procedures are different depending on the canton:

For the canton Vaud:

Please follow the described procedure (Word document), fill in the appendix 1 corresponding to your institute (following table) and send it to: fabienne.chabaud-barandun@chuv.ch.

Intitutes Appendix 1 (Vaud)
EPFL ResAL-EPFL  (345 Ko)
UNIL ResAL-UNIL  (324 Ko)
LICR ResAL-LICR  (326 Ko)
CHUV ResAL-CHUV  (334 Ko)

For the canton Geneva:

Fill in the appendix 1 (following table) corresponding to your institute and send it to fabienne.chabaud-barandun@chuv.ch

Institutes Appendix 1 (Geneva)
HUG ResAL-HUG  (314 Ko)


How to fill in the attendance record for the seminars recognized by the cantonal veterinary as continuing education

The participants must have their attendance record signed by the organizer at the end of the seminar. The attendance record will only be acknowledged by the cantonal authorities (SCAV in Lausanne or DGS in Geneva) if it is correctly filled in with the name, date and signature of the organizer.

Three seminars (3hrs) correspond to half-a-day continuing education. Six seminars (6 hrs) correspond to one full day continuing education. The attendance record is validated by half-a-day continuing education. To be registered as such, participants will send it to the SCAV or to the DGS.

Institutes Appendix 4
EPFL ResAL-EPFL  (351 Ko)
UNIL ResAL-UNIL  (330 Ko)
LICR ResAL-LICR  (332 Ko)
CHUV ResAL-CHUV  (342 Ko)
HUG ResAL-HUG  (322 Ko)


2) For the courses

To have your course recommended for recognition by the Swiss association of cantonal veterinarians (VSKT) you must:

1) Fill in the "recommandation à la reconnaissance pour cours de formation et perfectionnement du personnel spécialisé dans l'expérimentation animale" form (exists only in french or german) (see Appendix 1).

You should then:

2) Send the Appendix 1 with the program of the course, as well as the names and addresses of the speakers, to the following address:

Fabienne Chabaud, PhD

Coordinator of the Lemanic Animal Facility

Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV)

Mont-Paisible 14-216

1011 Lausanne


by email: fabienne.chabaud-barandun@chuv.ch

3) We will then send your request to the Dr. Nicolas Spaeth.

Appendix 1  (76 Ko)


Forms that are required for the organization of a course

These forms exist only in french or german

Appendix 1  (76 Ko)

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