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  • 7 mai, Lausanne: Marc-Olivier Boldi (UNIGE): power calculation; 9h-16h; Unil, Amphipôle 340.1
  • 21 mai, Genève: Marc-Olivier Boldi (UNIGE): power calculation ; 9h-16h; CMU salle D60
  • Date of opening of the registrations will be communicated by e-mail.
  • 21 mai, Lausanne: Philip Damiani (Harlan) "Assisted reproductive technology";9h-12h; EPFL, SV1717a
  • 21 mai, Lausanne: Stephen Hillen (Harlan)"Suivi sanitaire dans les animaleries"; 13h-16h; Unil, Amphimax, salle 412
  • 22 mai, Genève: Stephen Hillen (Harlan) "Suivi sanitaire dans les animaleries";13h-16h; CMU aud. C150
  • 23 mai, Lausanne: "From the lab to the wild"; org: B. Baisse et A. Coste; 8h30-16h45; CHUV, Aud. Charlotte Olivier
  • 11 juin, Genève: Stephen Hillen (Harlan) "Dérive génétique";13h-16h; CMU salle D60
  • 12 juin, Lausanne: Stephen Hillen (Harlan) "Dérive génétique"; 13h-16h, Unil, Amphimax, salle 412
  • 13 juin, Genève: Charles River - Jackson Laboratory -"Jax tour"; 9h-17h; HUG, aud. Marcel Jenny
  • Date of opening of registrations will be communicated by e-mail.
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