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Foundations and registers of foundations


Base de données UNIL des fonds et fondations     








Répertoire fédéral des fondations

Database of the public and private foundations under the direct supervision of the Confederation
All institutes
Awards and research grants


Stiftungen Schweiz



Association of German Foundations

8000 German foundations
All institutes, but collaboration with german institutions required


Centre Français des Fonds et Fondations

More than 2000 French Foundations
All institutes


Some foundations located in Holland


The Grant Register

The 2009 Version of the Grants Register includes more than 4200 grants and awards awailable in 50 countries. This version is located in the SOC (Monday to Friday from 10am to 14pm. 

The Grants register 2011 contains 4200 awards and fellowships in 49 countires. It can be accessed at the Grant office


les fondations.ch

List of 2000 various Swiss Foundations
All institutes
German version: die-stiftungen.com


Répertoire des fonds de l'Université de Genève

list of 250 awards, grants, fellowships and subsidies


Other databases and funding sources exist. For further information please contact C. Arnold


In Switzerland and around the world thousands of foundations support research projects. They mainly contribute to

  • individual research grants
  • exchanges
  • publications of Ph.D. thesis, books or sientific articles
  • equipment
  • seminars, worshops, syposiums, summer schools
  • scientific projets including salaries for post-docs, Ph.D. students or technicians.
  • field trip or scientific expeditions

We aim to help advanced researchers of the UNIL to select the most appropriate funding source and support them in the elaboration and submission of their projects. We just remind researchers that negotiation and signature of contracts are supervised by the PACTT.
Junior researchers looking for individual grants should check the list of grant registers available here below. We do also provide researchers a personalised list of targeted financing source.



Guide d'utilisation de la base de données des fonds et fondations UNIL


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