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Supervise your PhD students and Post-docs

Workshop : Supervising doctoral students (in French)

In order to establish a good relation with your doctoral student, the direction of the UNIL, offers you a half-day workshop on the following topics:

  • Describe doctoral supervision process with tools from educational psychology
  • Explain how you perceive your role and the role of your doctoral student in this relationship
  • Use different educational psychology tools to analyse your doctoral supervision and develop your practice

Facilitator : Prof Déborah Philippe & Dr Mélanie Bosson

Target population : UNIL Academic staff who supervise doctoral candidates.

Date :

  • 12 February (13 - 17 am)

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Postdoctoral professional career development: Self-assessment questionnaire

The self-assessment questionnaire is intended specifically for Postdocs. It is meant to facilitate an annual assessment of your current position, aid reflection on your accomplishments and help you identify what is required for progress towards your professional goals.
After you finish your self-assessment, it is recommended to discuss it with a resource person such as a department head, a project principal applicant, a professor, or a mentor.

Code of practice for the doctorate

The "Commission de la relève académique" of the University of Lausanne, has elaborated a code of practice for the doctorate that has been approved by the Direction in November 2013. This code highlights the active roles and shared responsibilities of doctoral candidates and their supervisors. It aims to create a fruitful working climate for the advancement of the thesis.

For all information about the code of Practice, please contact: Melanie.Bosson@unil.ch





Dr Mélanie Bosson

Deputy of Junior Faculty Development
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Tel +41 21 692 21 31

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