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Socio-Cultural Affairs

Welcome to the Socio-Cultural Affairs website!
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Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 10h-14h
Or with appointment:
+41 (0)21 692 21 13
How to find us:
Good to know
In order to facilitate access to the university Exchange Programmes, the mangement of the University of Lausanne provides social grants to students facing financial difficulties.
Psychotherapeutic consultation
This service is inteded for any undergraduate, post-graduate or doctoral student who requires psychological support. With appointment ONLY.
Looking for a job during your studies?
All the offers for the students at UNIL here:
Unicentre  -  CH-1015 Lausanne  -  Switzerland  -  Tel. +41 21 692 21 13  -  Fax +41 21 692 21 15
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