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You are a UNIL student looking for an accommodation

Lausanne is a conurbation of over 300,000 inhabitants. Despite its size there is no university campus and it is up to each individual to find somewhere to live.

Please note that the housing situation in the region is particularly difficult and UNIL cannot guarantee accommodation to all its students. Nevertheless UNIL will do everything in its power to find accommodation where possible.

There are several options in the search for accommodation:

  1. UNIL accommodation database
  2. The accommodation lists for students
  3. University halls of residence
  4. state agents in Lausanne
  5. Studios



The different types of housing

Dependent room
This is a room, generally furnished, in a private house. The landlord may require a 1 or 2 month financial guarantee.

Independent room
This is a room, generally furnished, with its own entrance. The landlord may require a 1 or 2 month financial guarantee.

Shared apartment
This is a joint tenancy, i.e. a room in an apartment with other students. The landlord may require a 1 or 2 month financial guarantee.

The majority of apartments are managed by estate agents. Therefore, to get an apartment you will have to contact directly the agencies in the region. Generally, the lease is for a minimum period of 1 year. Also, pay attention to the fact that you will be asked for financial guarantees as well as a deposit of up to three months rent.
Please note that for people comming from abroad, the estate agents may require a guarantor who resides in Switzerland.

Same as for the apartments, however there are more independent owners, which make it a little bit easier. The rent is usually for a minimum of 1 year.


Good to know

For disable students, a limited number of appropriate housing solutions are available. For more information, please get in touch with the University’s Accommodation Service as soon as possible.

New students please note:

The online access to the Housing database will only be possible once you have received and activated your UNIL computing access.

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