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Foreign student permit B or L

Foreign student with permit B or L or Swiss expat from min. 5 years

According to the the Swiss federal law on health insurance (LAMal), foreign students with a B / L or Swiss expatriate for a minimum of 5 years may be exempted from compulsory insurance in the canton of Vaud, if they have a certificate of insurance to support different mandatory services.


> You are in possession of a European Health Insurance Card:

On arrival in Switzerland, you must present your European Health Insurance Card to OVAM, which will issue an affiliation with a Swiss insurance provides:

Office vaudois de l'assurance-maladie (OVAM)
Ch. de Mornex 40
CH - 1014 Lausanne
Tél. 41 (0)21 557 47 47 (morning only)

During your stay in Switzerland if you have benefits to refund, you must send the original medical bills (that you must pay in advance), together with the European health insurance card, and your bank / postal details to the following institution:

Institution Commune LAMal - KVG
Gibelinstrasse 25
CH - 4503 Solothurn
tél. 41 32 625 30 30
fax 41 32 625 30 90



> You do not have a European Health Insurance Card:

To qualify for an exemption, it is mandatory to make a formal request and complete the certificate of the foreign insurer to be signed by the latter. This document is also available to OVAM.

Office vaudois de l'assurance-maladie (OVAM)
Ch. de Mornex 40
CH - 1014 Lausanne
Tél. 41 (0)21 557 47 47 (uniquement le matin)



> Foreign students (permit B / L) or Swiss expatriates from min. 5 years, who are unable to get a Switzerland recognized insurance from their country of origin, have the opportunity to join a health and accident insurance and international assistance.

To inform you about the various possibilities of insurance, we suggest you to check with:


Gest-Union SA
Rte de Vallaire 149
CH-1024 Ecublens
Tél. +41(0)21 695 69 05


Suggested insurances:

Advisor Swiss Insurance
Student Health Insurance

Swiss Studies

Groupe Mutuel
Academic Care


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