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Student Houses, Halls of Residence, Lodgings

Lausanne Homes for Students Foundation (FMEL) | Les Estudiantines (NOTE: minimum stay 6 months) | Planète Bleue | Catholic University Centre (CUC) | Fondation Solidarité Logement pour Etudiant-e-s | Stud'Home | Sur les Moulins, Denges | Association pour le Logement des Jeunes en Formation - ALJF | Pension Bienvenue | Foyer Bon Accueil

Lausanne Homes for Students Foundation (FMEL)


The Fondation Maisons pour Etudiants – Lausanne (FMEL) faces great demand from the UNIL-EPFL university community.
FMEL houses are open to students normally registered at these two institutions. Staff, academic guests, doctoral students and students on placement are not permitted to live in the Foundation’s houses.
In view of the difficulties encountered by students seeking accommodation, priorities proposed by the Universities and ratified by the Board of the Foundation have been established.
These entail rooms being allocated preferentially to students who are beginning their studies at the UNIL or the EPFL whose homes are too far from the campus.
It should be noted that accommodation is guaranteed to certain students coming from institutions that maintain partnerships or specific reciprocal arrangements with the universities. Such students will be advised personally.
Until further notice, the duration of leases may not exceed two semesters. These are emergency solidarity measures that will be lifted as soon as a sufficient quantity of new accommodation has become available.


Les Estudiantines (NOTE: minimum stay 6 months)

The housing cooperative Les Estudiantines consists of four buildings containing 15 apartments each with 2.5 to 4.5 rooms, 110 studios and 176 rooms. To apply or for more information, visit the website


Planète Bleue


Planète Bleue attaches much importance to welcoming foreign students. It cares for students from far abroad, more particularly from third world countries and countries from the eastern part of Europe. However it must ensure a good balance between Swiss, European and non-European students. Confessional adherences cannot be a criteria of admission, but it is necessary to people who wish to live at Planète Bleue to accept belonging to a multicultural community and to take an interest in a project of responsible communal life.

Generally, the lengh of stay is limited to 2 years.

Rue de Genève 76
1004 Lausanne
tel.: +41 21 625 06 06
fax: +41 21 625 06 04


Catholic University Centre (CUC)

Boulevard de Grancy 31
1006 Lausanne
021 612 61 40


Fondation Solidarité Logement pour Etudiant-e-s

The FSLE is a foundation set up by the FAE with the support of the City of Lausanne and the UNIL. Its aim is to offer accommodation to young people in education at the lowest possible prices.

Since 1st September 2008, the FSLE has operated 2 buildings with

35 rooms at 27, Avenue du Valentin, in Lausanne
39 rooms at 30, Avenue du Chablais, in Lausanne

If you are a student in the Canton of Vaud and are looking for accommodation in a student hostel, do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to the best of our ability to respond to your request, or at the very least give you some advice.


UNIL - Dorigny
Internef Building – office 149
1015 Lausanne
021 692 25 89

Opening times

- Monday, 1pm to 5pm
- Wednesday, 1pm to 5pm
- Thursday, 1pm to 5pm



2 addresses in the Lausanne region

fully furnished studios for 1 or 2 people
Avenue du Tir Fédéral 92
1024 Ecublens
rooms and studios at
Avenue Eglise-Anglaise
1006 Lausanne

For more information, visit:
Régie Foncière SA
Rue de la Fontaine 5
Case Postale 3612
1211 Genève 3
Tel 022 817 08 51 - Fax. 022 817 08 99


Sur les Moulins, Denges

Student accommodation:

2 rooms, rent: from CHF 685/month + charges CHF 30/month
Approx. 35m2. Possibility of car parking from CHF 60/month
Bus stop for UNIL/EPFL in front of the house.
5 minutes by bus.

Mlle Josiane Roy
tel 021 802 60 69


Association pour le Logement des Jeunes en Formation - ALJF

Case postale 29
1001 Lausanne
tel 021 617 29 34

Rue Pré-du-Marché 1 (2e étage)
1004 Lausanne
Tél: 021 617 29 34
to register :
informations :
Horaires: mardi 20h - 22h


Pension Bienvenue

Compagna (formerly Amies de la jeune fille) offers rooms with breakfast between CHF 500.- and 700.- per month to young women.

Rue du Simplon 2
1006 Lausanne
tel 021 616 29 86
fax 021 616 29 86


Foyer Bon Accueil

Is open to young women from the age of 16. A room with half-board will cost CHF 720.- per month. For stays of under 20 days, the price is fr. 50.- per day.

Avenue de Rumine 32
1005 Lausanne
tel 021 312 25 40
fax 021 312 25 72


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